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OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY

Written by: | Published: August 26, 2017 | Updated: July 10, 2023

These easy eyeball cookies are one of our favorite Halloween food crafts. This OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY aka my OREO eyeballs are fun to make and the kids will definitely love to eat them!  You can change up the ingredients a little bit to work with items you can find, but you really don’t need much for this easy cookie recipe other than OREO cookies and different frostings.

OREO eyeballs - DIY Halloween cookie treat
OREO eyeballs – DIY Halloween cookie treat

Make a big batch of Halloween cookies for the class party or your own Halloween party. Or just make a few for a fun after school snack this October.

OREO Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY

This is the 3rd series. We had to experiment to find the best look and the best ingredients to make the eyeballs look right. And of course we had to eat all the “not so great” versions. Ooops, that glob of blue goo is too gooey, must  – eat -the -mistakes! I think they turned out pretty good. What do YOU think?

OREO Eyeball DIY treats
OREO Eyeball DIY treats

How to make OREO eyeball cookies

So, here’s what you need to make these eyeball cookies yourself…

Ingredients and Supplies

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Supplies you need to make OREO eyeball cookies
Supplies you need to make OREO eyeball cookies

How to Make OREO Eyeball Halloween Treats

There are a couple different ways to can make these Halloween OREO cookie eyeballs. Over the years I’ve found, you can change up the projects with different tools and ingredients easily. The kids can help or you can get super crafty and make them yourself. Have fun and let me know how it works for you!

Steps to make OREO eyeball cookies:

  1. Carefully remove one of the chocolate cookies from the OREO. You will end up with chocolate smudges on the frosting, that’s perfectly fine. Leave it be, don’t try to clean it up.. it will just make a mess.
  2. Add a glob (very scientific measurement) of gel icing.
  3. Place 1 M&M in the center of the icing.
  4. Put a small dab of red food coloring in a bowl or on a plate, like a painter’s palette. Using a teeny tiny paintbrush, carefully paint red vein lines on the white frosting of the OREO.

That’s it. So easy, the kids can help or make them all themselves!

Eyeball cookies without faux veins
Eyeball cookies without faux veins

See, I think the red lines make all the difference. We debated and even took a vote on what to do next. Again, we had to eat the rejects… I’m pretty sure I gained an extra pound just making this treat, and for no other reason than because we wanted to.

Carefully painting red food coloring veins
Carefully painting red food coloring veins

You can probably use red gel icing for the veins, but I didn’t have any on hand, so the food coloring was the creative winner for the day. You don’t need much. I’d tried a food marker for this, it doesn’t work well. The marker ink sticks to the frosting and then the marker gets gooped up with frosting.  I’ve tried drawing the red vein lines with food markers and it just doesn’t work as well as food coloring.

How to Make OREO Eyeballs – a video tutorial

Video Tutorial – I’ve created a video to show you how to make these OREO eyeballs too! take a look below for a video showing you how to make OREO eyeballs with Double Stuff Oreos and more mini eyeballs with the bite-sized OREOs.

In the video tutorial below, I am using the red gel icing instead of painting with food coloring. This is quicker and a little more kid-friendly (kids and food coloring, not always a good combination, you know). Enjoy!

You could also go crazy and make all kinds of monster or alien eyes using the different flavor OREOs. I think the green mint would be a great alien or dragon eye… the pink strawberry would just be yummy.

More Halloween eyeball ideas:

I also have printable eyeball decor you can use to decorate your Halloween Party.

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A few of my friends have also made some fun eyeball Halloween treats and crafts, take a look.

These rice crispy treat eyeballs look adorable and delicious! Plus they are super simple to create.

Rice Crispy Treat eyeball Halloween treats from Hello Creative Family
Rice Crispy Treat eyeball Halloween treats from Hello Creative Family

Looking for more Halloween Treats and Party Ideas?

Check out this Halloween party fun:

A whole plate of OREO Eyeball DIY treats
A whole plate of OREO Eyeball DIY treats for Halloween

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14 thoughts on “OREO Cookie Eyeballs Halloween Treat DIY”

    • I usually make them a couple days ahead and they are great. It would depend what kind of frosting you are using and where you are storing them. Use standard cookie icing and store in the fridge, I think they should be fine.

  1. Hi Jen,
    The Oreo eyeball treats look really cute and easy! We’re planning to have the kids make them during my son’s class Halloween party. I was wondering approximately how many eyeballs you’re able to make with each tube of the blue and green decorating gel. Thank you!

    • So sorry for the late reply, I imagine you’re having your class party tomorrow. It’s hard to say how many eyeballs you can make, especially when kids are decorating, but I would say 10-15 with the little gel tubes. Another option, get the bigger frosting tubes, that works great too!

  2. You could use the other side of the Oreo to make mummy faces. I saw adorable chocolate cupcakes on Pinterest using white icing piped to look like mummy wrap and small colored candies for eyes.

  3. I was thinking you can use double stuff with fishing wire/dental floss to cut them in half. That way you use both sides of the cookie & not have to make an oreo crust with the leftovers? (Or gain a pound eating the other half). 🙂


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