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Make Your Own Easy DIY Planner

Written by: | Published: August 24, 2020 | Updated: March 18, 2024

Do you love your planner? Learn how to make your own easy DIY planner.Do you love to organize your ideas and get your schedule down on paper?  I’ll show you how to get organized and add your own personality to your planner book. Let’s make a planner today! I’ve got some ideas to share with you and a few DIY planner printables too.

Make Your Own Easy DIY Planner
Easy DIY Planner

Make An Easy DIY Planner

You can make your own planner without a ton of supplies. You can print out pages, make your own, or do what I’ve done here… head out to the store and grab the mini planner accessories. I bought all my components at Target, but you can find mini binder pages and accessories at all kinds of stores.

This notebook is a half size binder so it fits perfectly in my purse and backpack without taking up a bunch of room.

Find supplies on Amazon:
Mini Avery Binder and planner page supplies

Create your own planner in minutes

I’ve used a variety of organizers and planners over the years. Remember the Franklin Covey and Day-Timer craze? Some of my planners have been actual notebooks with real paper. I’ve also tried to keep my schedule and life organized with digital tools.

I think they each have their pros and cons. Lately, I’ve been needing tangible lists and the ability to write with a pen on paper to keep track of my ideas. Mostly because I think I need to doodle on everything to remember it… Usually, my sketchbook ends up with all the notes.

Now it’s time to get organized with a real planner… on purpose!

I purchase a few different paper sets to include in this easy DIY planner

  • Calendar pages
  • Lined paper for notes
  • Plastic divider pages to keep sections of information organized
  • Clear pockets for anything else I want to keep in my planner
  • Pretty pens

You can also make your own planner stickers!

You can make your own planner stickers too! I made my own planner stickers using designs I customized with my Cricut machine. Plus printable planner stickers you can easily print and then cut with scissors. I’ve just added a second set of super cute planner stickers you can download.


Think about Personalizing Your Planner

I was really excited to find coral planner accessories when I was shopping. it’s my favorite color right now, or as my kids call is, my “corporate color” and it’s not always a common color to find. See, this planner project was meant to be!

I picked a binder that has a clear pocket cover so I can add my own art to the front of the planner. All the personalizing is what makes planners so fun to put together!

Easy DIY Planner
Easy DIY Planner

Tips to Make Your Own Planner

Make sure you have enough room to write what you need to write. You can have all the fancy pens and paper you want, but if it’s not easy to use or there isn’t enough room to keep track of all the things, it won’t be very useful.

Make sure you consider how you want to use your planner before buying all your supplies.

I’ve created a series of planner pages for larger binders. You can print it at a smaller size to fit your mini binder, or make your own planner using a standard sized binder.

To keep costs low, you can always print or draw out your own planner pages too. Time is money in my day, so buying these pre-printed calendar pages makes all the difference right.

I’ve designed some calendar pages and note pages to use, check out these additional printables! More planner pages you can download and print here.

DIY Planner cover art you can make

Here’s another idea for cover art. I took a photo of my watercolor paint tray and then printed it. I then sprinkled some glitter over the page and applied packing tape… so now it’s a little sparkly colored art design for the front of my planner.

Are you looking for printable DIY planner pages?

I have some tips and ideas to share about creating your own planner pages. You can create your own pages, customize store bought pages or print out pages (see below) and use as you’d like. Here’s how to diy planner pages.

How to make DIY planner pages

You can create your own planner pages by setting up a formatted page using software like a spreadsheet or grid layout.

I like to lay out the pages and then use a nice font to make the page pretty. I’ll walk you through the process in another tutorial. Print out pre-made pages that fit what you are looking for to short-cut the process.

I’ve created a variety of printable pages you can use when you make your own planner. These planner pages are all designed as full 8.5″ x 11″ sheets, so if you are making a mini planner, make sure to print each page at a smaller size. You might want to try printing 2 to a page and see how that fits your planner.

Printable Mini Planner Pages

Printable planner pages for your DIY planner

I’ve created a printable mini planner page set that works great with this mini binder size. The set includes: weekly and today to-do lists, meal planner and grocery list plus note & ideas page.  If there’s a page you’d like that I don’t have, let me know!

download this art by Jen Goode

This set includes 3 printable planner pages.

Get this Free File

Printable mini planner page set

Icon 406.87 KB | 8658 Downloads
Copyright © Jen Goode, JGoode Designs. For Personal Use Only. Contact for commercial use inquires.


This set includes 3 printable colored pages to use with your planner pages. Print the colored page then put the print back in your printer’s paper tray and print the planner page over the top.

Get this Free File

Background color paper for mini planner pages

Icon 478.79 KB | 848 Downloads
Copyright © Jen Goode, JGoode Designs. For Personal Use Only. Contact for commercial use inquires.


Or how about this fun rainbow themed Calendar set complete with cut stickers you and print and cut out.

printable calendar pages for your DIY planner - rainbow colors
Get this Free File

Rainbow Colored Planner Pages and Stickers

Icon 7.70 MB | 2226 Downloads
Copyright © Jen Goode, JGoode Designs. For Personal Use Only. Contact for commercial use inquires.


printable calendar pages for your DIY planner - rainbow colors by Jen Goode
printable calendar pages for your DIY planner – rainbow colors by Jen Goode

More Printable DIY Planner Pages

Find more ways to create your own mini planner as well as how to personalize it with these articles.

This rainbow school planner set is one of my favorites. It comes with planner pages and printable stickers!

Printing planner pages and stickers is easy with the HP DeskJet 2636 All-in-One Printer at Walmart

Or did you know you can make your own planner stickers with your Cricut? I have an entire set of stickers you can upload to Cricut Design Space and create with. These are super cute and fun to make!

Make your own Planner stickers with your Cricut
Make your own Planner stickers with your Cricut

DIY Planner Printables and Tutorials

Click an image or link below to learn more or download printable planner pages and stickers.

Have you ever put together your own planner? I’d love to hear your tips and ideas for organizing your schedule and daily tasks.

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