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How to Make Cute Binders for School

Decorate your own school binder using colored pens and your own creativity. Learn how to make cute binders for school and personalize your own school supplies. Think of all the binders, notebooks, folders and organizing tabs you can customize! This is a fun DIY school project you can create on your own or with friends. You don't need a ton of materials, just brightly colored pens and your doodle skills. I'll show you how.

How to Make Cute Binders for School

Today I'll show you how you can use your own doodled to decorate your school supplies. I like to use the 3 ring binders that have a cover pocket so I can display the art I make easily. You can draw all kinds of designs and word art to show it off. I've partnered with G2® Pens by Pilot Pen to show off these fantastic smooth writing gel ink pens, you're going to love them for all your doodling!



COUPON: G2 Mini Assorted pack from Target



The G2® Pens by Pilot Pen feature a fine gel tip that is great for writing or doodling details. The colors are bold and vibrant. The pink is a fantastic hot pink while the lime green is bright and sunny. These pens are perfect for highlighting your doodles or highlighting your overachieving note taking. (Raise your hand if you're a color coordinating note taker!).

  1. Start by drawing your design. I used the black pen, but you can use any color you'd like. Write words, draw little icons and doodle art. You can sketch your design with a pencil first, but I say just jump right in and start doodling… there are no mistakes!
  2. Color in your designs.
  3. Add extra accents and fill in the white space. I like to use dots or random little shapes to fill in empty spaces. Think of dots, lines, arrows, stars, and hearts… they make great space fillers.
  4. If you find your binder cover pocket is wider than the paper you are coloring on, use a second piece of paper and create a band of color or more doodles to fill the pocket space.


The best part, when you get tired of this binder cover, you can just pull out the art and replace it with more art.

Tip: These pens are a gel ink, so need to dry for a second to prevent smearing, so I like to use a piece of paper under my hand while I draw on top of designs to prevent smudging the fresh ink.

Why I LOVE G2® Pens by Pilot Pen

  • The smooth gel ink writes like a dream on a variety of papers.
  • The bright, bold colors add personality to anything I draw and the colors stay bright.
  • The rubber grip around the pen makes these pens really comfy to write and draw with.
  • I especially love the variety packs because the more color, the better. My husband loves the mult-packs of black pens… writing for days!
  • You can easily find these pens in the office supply section and (for a limited time) the school supply section of Target stores.

Here's a COUPON for YOU: G2 Mini Assorted pack from Target

Free Printable Coloring Page for your School Binder

I've got a free coloring page you can color with your G2® Pens by Pilot Pen if you don't want to doodle your own cover art. Just download, print and color!

download this art by Jen Goode

More Cute School Binder Decorating Ideas

For more doodle fun, decorate the tabs inside your binder. You can also decorate each subject separator sheet or your homework notebook covers. Decorate all the things with cute doodle art!



Have fun decorating your own binder! Use your favorite colors, doodle your favorite word art and colorful designs and create something that is uniquely YOU! Don't forget to grab your coupon (above) to save on these fantastic pens. I'd love to see what you create.

Make cute binders for school. Learn how to use G2® Pens by Pilot Pen to create colorful doodle designs to personal school supplies. [ad] #PowerToThePen #PilotYourLife Design by Jen Goode

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