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Printable Meal Plan Organizing Set

Today I'm sharing some organizing goodness for you. I think it's time I start getting organized myself and write more things down. I usually use a variety of little notebooks to keep track of all kinds of things, but I don't have a method to my madness… until now. I'm starting off with organizing my family meal plans and the food budget. So, I've created a set of printables to help with the process.

Printable meal plan organizing kit by Jen Goode
Printable meal plan organizing kit by Jen Goode

Free Printable Meal Plan Kit

Instead of grabbing any old scrap of paper, when I remember, to write down food ideas, I've created a printable chart to print out for a weekly meal plan. You can read more about my ideas for Organizing in the kitchen with free Meal Plan Printables at The Country Chic Cottage. Head over and read some tips and ideas for using this printable kit.

For our family, having a meal plan written out saves both time and money. I put some time and effort into coming up with meal ideas all at once so I'm looking for items we already have in the pantry and thinking ahead about how to use the same ingredients multiple times. I don't have to think of what to make on days when I don't feel like cooking. The kids can help make some of the meals so I let them choose from the list. Also when I'm traveling, my husband doesn't need to think about what to make… the options are all written out and staring at him from the fridge every day.

Freezer meals, do you make them? I am not consistent about it, but I do make them. If I don't date them, I forget how old they are. Sometimes I make fresh stove to table meals all week and some weeks are so busy we eat out of the refrigerator all week long. I do like to spend a day making a week's worth of meals, usually slow cooker meals, and then freeze them for later.I think keep track of what has been made ahead of time and stored in the freezer will also save some money. So, I've designed a page for that organizing too – woo wee!

download this art by Jen Goode

Download this free printable meal plan kit

This kit comes with:

  • Weekly Meal Plan chart
  • Grocery List page
  • Freezer meals page

Do you have any tips for organizing your meal plan?


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