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52 weeks of Savings free printable

Written by: | Published: January 17, 2014 | Updated: January 15, 2024

Have you heard of the 52 weeks of savings challenge? I just heard about it and I think it’s brilliant! There’s a couple different takes on the concept, but the idea is to put money away every single week. Start out small, build a habit and in the process stock pile some cash. I Love it! So I decided to doodle up a printable to go along with it. I really want to doodle up some cash too – think it would work?

52 week saving printable money chart by Jen Goode
52 week saving printable money chart by Jen Goode

52 weeks of Savings and a free printable

There are already a handful of great printables out there, but of course, I need one I drew up myself. All 52 weeks can be tracked on a single page. Hopefully, I can keep track of a sheet of paper for an entire year! The chart also includes a place to add your own dates, a line for each week, the recommended saving amount and the expected total.

You can also add in your own saving adjustments. If you’re like me… not everything goes as planned, so being able to adapt to stay on track is important. So this savings chart also includes a place to add your actual savings amount and the actual total. With a little extra effort, you might even be able to save more than the challenge recommends.

download this art by Jen Goode

So, are you ready to start some saving? Choose one or all of the options below.

Grab your free copy of this printable saving chart:

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Save for 52 weeks

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More Savings
I also have a general savings chart without the suggested dollar amounts. Use this chart to track your savings no matter what plan you are setting up this year!

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Saving Chart by Jen Goode

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Check out the newest design below:

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52 Weeks of Saving

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52 Weeks of Savings - new design
52 Weeks of Savings – new design
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14 thoughts on “52 weeks of Savings free printable”

  1. Can you do a monthly chart of the 52 week challenge? We get paid on the 1st and the 3rd of each month but we would like to do this challenge. Please and Thank You

    • Absolutey.. you could break it down by month instead of week… or put money into envelopes when you get paid, spread out across each week? I’ll work on a new chart to share with you.

  2. I’d seen this by someone who does it backwards. Start with the $52 and it gets easier to do as the weeks progress. Then it gets easier to add more and more money so your total saved is even bigger.

    • The savings starting with $52 and decreasing each week is posted on Carrie’s site. The printable chart starting at $1 and increasing each week is now available right here on this post. Also, I’ve included a general purpose chart that has no $$$ listed so you can track however you’d like. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Do you have one of these charts for the reverse? Carrie Rocha has posted your link claiming you do? I would love to see that one. Thanks

    • I did create a reverse version (that was actually the first one) but don’t think I posted it when we decided on this one. I will go dig it up and post it. Thanks so much for asking!

      • I just completed the 2014 year!! Of course, I wanted a nice round number and was able to save $1500 for 2014. Ready to attack 2015. I used the reverse one. It made so much more sense to me. I was hoping to find that again. Did you post it somewhere?

  4. Hi! I would love to get the week saving chart but the file is corrupt , could you please re-upload it ? thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Alexander, thank you for the note, I’ve added a new version of the chart so it should work for you now. Let me know if I can help with anything else!


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