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104 things to do during summer break

Written by: | Published: July 02, 2015 | Updated: September 07, 2023

There are ALWAYS fun things to do during summer break.  Sometimes we just need little prompts or reminders to get those creative juices flowing. I think we get stuck in a rut and forget there’s fun to be had in literally every direction. So, here’s a list you can pull from for ideas!

104 Summer Fun Idea List plus Free Printable
104 Summer Fun Idea List plus Free Printable

Things To Do During Summer Break – Over 100 Idea Starters

There are SO MANY more summer fun ideas than what is on this list, but hopefully this will start the brainstorming for you. You can also grab a free printable list that includes some of these ideas.

There’s another idea for you, make up your own list and stick it on the fridge so it’s ready at a moment’s notice… boredom busters, here we come!

You’ll find even more creative ideas if check out my list of 107 Ways to Inspire Creativity.

  1. Have a picnic
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Play iSpy
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt
  5. Hunt for bugs
  6. Build a fort
  7. Plant some flowers
  8. Paint a bird house
  9. Go on a bike ride
  10. Go swimming
  11. Make cookies
  12. Set up a lemonade stand
  13. Play a game of Chess
  14. Paint a picture
  15. Make a cake
  16. Invite a friend to come play
  17. Put on a puppet show
  18. Build a fairy garden
  19. Play dodge ball
  20. Learn a new song to sing
  21. Have a backwards walking race
  22. Go roller skating
  23. Make a fairy house
  24. Visit the zoo
  25. Watch a new movie
  26. Read a book
  27. Write a poem
  28. Make salt dough
  29. Take a treat to a neighbor
  30. Make sun catchers
  31. Dance
  32. Play football
  33. Play on a swing
  34. Whistle (or learn to whistle)
  35. Grow carrots in a bucket on the porch
  36. Play in the sprinkler
  37. Make a sign for your door
  38. Decorate your bike with ribbons
  39. Build a house for dolls
  40. Make a cardboard box car
  41. Jump rope
  42. Make chalk art on the driveway
  43. Make tree decorations
  44. Put handmade pinwheels in the yard
  45. Skip
  46. Climb a tree
  47. Play basketball
  48. Create and perform a skit
  49. Make a card for someone special
  50. Play with clay
  51. Blow bubbles
  52. Go bowling
  53. Roll down a hill
  54. Learn to play an instrument
  55. Make apple sauce
  56. Sew
  57. Build with LEGOs
  58. Make a new friend
  59. List 10 things to do to be kind and do them
  60. Write a short story
  61. Make postcards and send them
  62. Make jewelry out of buttons
  63. Build something with recycled material
  64. Have a 3-legged race
  65. Offer to help a neighbor with yard work
  66. Walk the dog
  67. Put on a fashion show
  68. Make pet rocks
  69. Go to the park
  70. Paint faces
  71. Make a scrapbook
  72. Write a letter
  73. Visit a museum
  74. Go fishing
  75. Play baseball
  76. Skip rocks across a pond
  77. Make milkshakes
  78. Fly a kite
  79. Play in the sand
  80. Try a new food
  81. Take a nap in a hammock
  82. Go camping
  83. Ride in a boat
  84. Decorate flip flops
  85. Tie dye a T-shirt (or make this tie tye tote bag)
  86. Host a car wash
  87. Play hopscotch
  88. Make home made ice cream
  89. Play frisbee
  90. Learn to french braid your hair
  91. Decorate your front door
  92. Make a paper mache bowl
  93. Pick berries at a berry farm
  94. Make a treasure map
  95. Go to an amusement park
  96. Build a popsicle stick bridge
  97. Make dinosaur eggs
  98. Play Simon Says
  99. Try a harmonica
  100. Go window shopping
  101. Look for sand crabs
  102. Make a crown with grass and flowers
  103. Follow a grasshopper
  104. Paint a self portrait
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What fun ideas can you come up with to do this summer?

If you’re looking for even more summer fun ideas

Grab a coloring page or make projects with a Cricut machine.

Here are some of my favorite crafts to try too

I can’t wait to hear about your summer fun! Leave me a comment below and tell me about it.

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