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Stay Home Resources for Families

Written by: | Published: March 21, 2020 | Updated: August 13, 2023

When you’re staying home with family, it can be helpful to have a list of ideas to spark ideas. This big list of stay-home resources is my own collection of useful, fun and sometimes much-needed ideas and links to keep everyone in the house happy, healthy and entertained.

Stay home resources for Families

Whether it’s a long weekend, summer break or a mandatory quarantine, finding things to inspire ideas or share insight can really come in handy. The resources below are links from smart, creative people I know and resources I personally use. You’ll find links and ideas for recipes, crafts, organizing, homeschool, fun online and more.

Staying at home, isn’t usually our normal, but sometimes we’ve got to hang out at home without driving each other crazy. That’s the key.. home together for an extended time… happy.

You don’t always need to head to the store or buy brand-new supplies to have fun at home. Use what you already have and try something new.

BONUS – many of these listed sites are home businesses. They are run by people that earn their money when you visit their site, share the link with a friend or buy their products. If you shop online, shop through their links and they will earn a commission. So by visiting, you get the free finds they are sharing, and they get to help support their families. Thank YOU for helping support all of these amazing people!

A loose “time block” schedule may sound restricting, but it will be a lifesaver…or a sanity-saver! Do it. It will help kids know what is next and increase their independence.

Holly Homer, Kids Activities Blog

You might want to also check out this great list of ideas from Kids Activities Blog Absolutely Everything You Need if You are Stuck at Home

I love watching YouTube just entertainment’s sake, but it’s especially great when the videos give me inspiration for new crafts!

Jessica Hill, Mad in Crafts

Free Things To Do Online

It’s okay to have a little screen time.

Katie Clark, Clarks Condensed

If you or someone you know need help with internet costs, this is a great article about low cost and need based internet access programs available.

It’s fun to be an armchair traveler.

Nicky Omohundro, Little Family Adventure


Get together in the kitchen and make it into a game.

Michelle Price, Honest & Truly

Extra time at home means everyone can cook! Let the kids be involved in meal planning and cooking.

Jana Seitzer, Whisky + Sunshine

My food finds saved to Pinterest


You don’t have to be a certified teacher to help your kids with school at home. If you find yourself having to help with school, here are some great resources, tips and ideas for homeschooling. The first place I would start is to get out all the tools and info you need and sit down to come up with a schedule to help you stay on track. Here are suggested schedule ideas from Khan Academy for different age groups.

Just Remember: “One day at a time, and we can only control what we can control.

Paige Levering, High School Teacher, MS School Counseling

Also, don’t try to cram too much into one sitting. Think of the schedule your kids have at school. They get breaks throughout the day. They get up and move around, shifting from one subject or discussion to another. Allow this same time of flexibility at home.

If you realize it’s not working….THAT’S OKAY TOO!! You know your children best, and you obviously won’t let them fail at learning and reaching their potential.

Meredith Hazel, Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

My friend Ana has a fun kid project idea, watch this video for ideas.

Books and Reading

Homeschooling help and Ideas from Pinterest

Activities and Games

Whether you are looking for game and inside activities or outdoor adventures to have in the backyard, here are some ideas to get you started.

Going outside isn’t canceled!

Cori George, Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

Younger kids aren’t the only ones that need boredom busters. Have some creative ideas for teens and tweens ready too.

Carla Schauer, Carla Schauer Designs

Getting outside is guaranteed to help combat cabin fever.

Nicky Omohundro, Little Family Adventure

Printables and Coloring Pages

Coloring pages calm the nerves and occupy the mind all at the same time.

Vanessa Brady, Tried and True Creative

Use what you’ve got and get creative with your kids!

Jamie Dorobek, C.R.A.F.T.


Craft projects and ideas are my own personal go-to. Here at 100 Directions and in my house. I think it’s helpful and calming to be able to take a pile of supplies, put them together and have something new. Don’ worry about “getting it right”. Sometimes DIY and crafts is about the process, not the end result. Browse around and see what catches your interest.

Kids crafts are like eating ice cream without a spoon. They are most likely going to get their hands and all things dirty, but the end result is so cute and sweet, it makes it worth it.

Alli Ward, Made with Happy

You don’t have to be “crafty”to get creative with your kids.

Heidi Kundin, Happiness is Homemade

Use recycle items from the junk drawer, scrap bins, and old cloths for fun, family activities and projects.

Niki Meiners, 365 Days of Crafts

A project a day keeps the boredom away!

Heidi Haakenson, TREND enterprises, Inc.

Cricut Crafts and Cut Files

Art history is a topic most kids are underexposed to, but it’s full of engaging stories that will entertain your kids while they learn!

Nancy Nally, Chasing Dust Bunnies

Learn a New Skill

This is a great time to learn a new hobby for yourself or with your kids! Hand lettering together can be a fun and relaxing way to pass the time.

Amy Latta, Amy Latta Creations
  • Hand Lettering Instruction – starting with the basics with Amy Latta Creations
  • Bluprint – Learn a variety of handmade and artisan skills. Currently there is a 14 day trial, perfect for checking it out today.
  • offers classes in all areas of skills from different software programs to photography and editing.
  • Duolingo – learn a new language, free


What better way to spend some time than organizing spaces around your house? A clean, organized house can make it more cozy when everyone is home. You’ll be able to find the things you need, have room to enjoy time together and easy put things away after all the fun ends for the day.

If you find yourself working at home with the family around, here’s a great resources to help you build a productive work at home schedule.

If you set a timer and cleaning chores a race, it can actually be fun.

Nicky Omohundro, Little Family Adventure

Shop Online

There are online retailers like Amazon, we already know and love, that ship right to your door. BUT If you don’t have time to wait for shipping, the following retailers offer buy online, pick up at the store for many items. Some will even deliver to you at your car so you don’t have to go inside the store.

  • Target – from what I hear, the app lets you tell them you’ve arrived and they will bring your order to your car.
  • Walmart
  • Instacart (for various grocery store brands) – there is an option to request “drop off at door” so you don’t have to answer the door.

If you know of a resource you’d like to recommend to include here, let me know. Please leave a comment below!

Stay home resources for Families
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