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Cute Donut Apple Snacks

Written by: | Published: September 25, 2015 | Updated: September 07, 2023

Next time you want a donut, grab an apple and make cute Donut Apple Snacks. Back in June, for National Donut Day, I kept seeing pictures of yummy donuts from all my friends on social media. I was trying to come up with a healthy snack recipe to eat instead of a bunch of donuts because I was trying to change my eating habits.

It’s hard to stay away from bread let alone delicious sweet bread covered in sprinkles! So, as I was playing with ideas, I saw a picture of a bunch of bagels decorated like donuts while I was eating my morning apple and sulking. Then it hit me… donut apples! This is the cutest snack ever and the kids love them too!

Donut Apple Snacks
Donut Apple Snacks

Cute Donut Apple Snacks

I love it when food is as much fun to look at as it is to eat. You could make these little donut apples for an after-school snack or even a healthy party treat. I think the kids would have fun decorating their own apples almost as much as they love decorating their own cookies or cupcakes!

Ingredients you need:

  • Whole apples
  • Toppings: peanut butter, cream cheese, raisins, chopped nuts sprinkles, etc.

Take a look at this video we made while created our apple snack donuts. Is it fair to call them a donut just because they have a hole in the middle? I think so!

Instructions to make Donut Apple Snacks

  1. Slice a clean apple with the stem parallel to the knife blade.
  2. Use a small cookie cuter or a water bottle lid to cut out a circle from the center of the apple slice.
  3. “Frost” the slice with a healthy spread such as peanut butter, nutella or cream cheese.
  4. Decorate with extra treats like chopped nuts, raisins or sprinkles. I know, sprinkles aren’t healthy, but they are super cute!
Cut the apple into slices
Cut the apple into slices
Cut a circle out of the center of the apple slice
Cut a circle out of the center of the apple slice

We used the lid to our sprinkles jar to cut out the center of the apples. It was just the right size to remove the core while leave a good portion of apple to eat.

Cut a circle out of the center of the apple slice
Cut a circle out of the center of the apple slice
Make cute donuts with apple slices
Make cute donuts with apple slices

I think it would be fun to try to make donut apple snacks with a whole variety of apple types. We love Gala apples, but I think green Granny Smiths or Golden Delicious would make for a great variety of snacks too. If you don’t like the apple skin, I recommend pealing the apples before you slice them.

More Doughnut Ideas

While you’re munching on these yummy snacks, grab yourself this cute doughnut coloring page.

Cute doughnut coloring page by Jen Goode
Cute doughnut coloring page by Jen Goode
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