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Thank You Pretty Flower Printable Card

I know I don’t say Thank You enough. I think we get so busy, stopping to write a note, or pick up the phone, it just doesn’t happen. So today I want to share a pretty little picture I drew up to say Thank You! AND, I’m sharing this art with you, so you can share it too. You can print out this Thank You art and use it on a card, or put it in a lunch or treat you give to someone. You can post it on your wall or share it with a friend. How ever you want to say Thank You, go for it… and Thank YOU for being here!

Rainbow Flower Thank You art by Jen Goode - free printable download
Rainbow Flower Thank You art by Jen Goode – free printable download

Flower Thank You Art

You can cut out the card or use just the art. You can also grab the free printable envelope (below) and make a card and envelope set. This is art for personal use only, but please do feel free to make as many cards as you’d like to give to your friends and family!

Download - original art by Jen Goode
Download this free Thank You PDF printable file.
Flower Thank You Art by Jen Goode
Flower Thank You Art by Jen Goode

Do you need this design without the “Thank You” banner across it? Here’s a variation that has a bit darker colors but no words.

You can also click on this image of the flower thank you art and save to your phone and then print. Cut it out and glue it to a blank card or use it as a little gift tag.

Flower Thank You printable art by Jen Goode
Flower Thank You printable art by Jen Goode

If you are looking for more Thank You kits and ideas, check out the Simple Swirls Thank You card kit. You can mix and match different pieces and components to make a card with just the right message. There are two different color options to choose from too!

I always love to hear what you create. If you use this printable Thank You art, drop me a note, share a picture on facebook or tag me on Instagram #jengoodeart.


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  1. Wow, this is a neat card. I was looking for a thank you card to send to the great people who cared enough about me to make my milestone birthday special last week. This will fit the bill



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