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You’ve Been Booed! Ultimate Halloween Boo Ideas

Written by: | Published: September 28, 2023 | Updated: November 02, 2023

It’s that time of year to start spreading Halloween cheer. This is the only guide you’ll need for “You’ve Been Booed” ideas for Halloween! This fun Halloween activity is a great way to start off the spirit of the season and is perfect for all ages. Let the Booing begin!

We've been Booed - a boo sign printable designed by Jen Goode

If you’re anything like me, you love getting into the Halloween spirit (but not-so-scary, though) and making the holiday extra fun. We start talking about who to boo before we ever break out the Halloween decor!

You’ve Been Booed Ideas

I’ve gathered a list of fantastic ideas for Halloween booing, from printables to crafts, to help you add a little extra fun to your Halloween festivities! You can keep it as simple or go as fancy as you’d like. There are no requirements other than a secret gift and a sign. So, let’s get this fun started…

What is Halloween Boo-ing?

Halloween boo-ing is a fun tradition where you secretly surprise your friends, neighbors, or coworkers with a small gift basket or “boo bag” filled with treats and goodies.

Each gift basket includes a “You’ve Been Booed” sign, and instructions to encourage sharing the activity from friend to friend. it’s a little like TAG between homes instead of individual people.

Cute Halloween cups to fill for a Boo treat

How Do You Boo Someone?

The first step is to gather some goodies and a You’ve Been Booed sign. The sign is the key because it hints to the recipient that they have been booed and should continue the chain by booing someone else. Put together a little treat. Include the sign and drop the package off at the doorstep of your friend or neighbor. Don’t let them know you left the gift.

Continue reading below for more how-to details and booing ideas.

Make a mini boo bag for Halloween treats

What Do You Need to Boo Your Neighbor?

You don’t need much to join in the fun of spooky season with boo-ing.  it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, this is meant to be an easy Halloween activity that’s fun for you, your friends and neighbors.

Add treats to your mini boo bag
Add treats to your mini boo bag

Here is the list of must-haves for Halloween Boo success:

  • A Boo Sign – make your own sign or use a You’ve been booed printables!
  • Halloween treats – Anything can be a fun Halloween treat, from coloring pages to sweet treats. Homemade treats add an extra personal touch.
  • A container for the treats – A cute Halloween bag is perfect, but a basic brown bag will do.  Or, get creative and use a basket, tote bag, or even a cute Halloween cup. Boo buckets can also double as a trick-or-treating bucket later.
  • Someone to boo – You can boo anyone you’d like, the whole neighborhood can get involved. The idea is to boo 1-4 people and then they will boo 1-4 more people and the fun spreads. You can also boo non-neighbor friends, family, co-workers or even teammates. Anyone can be a person you choose to boo.

Tip: it’s also helpful to include instructions “how to boo” so the next person knows how to share a boo with their neighbors too. To make it an extra fun idea, you can put the instructions on a cute printout or card too. Sometimes I like to put the instructions in the poem or on the back of the boo sign.

Instructions to boo someone

Where to Buy Boo Gifts

I like to go to the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, 5 Below or the Target Dollar Spot to find cute boo gifts that don’t cost a lot. Party stores have a great selection in the party favor aisles too. There’s always Halloween stickers, small toys, a fun kids game or some other fun thing to include for each family member.

Boo bag treats and toys plus We have Been Booed printable sign

Steps to Boo Someone

  1. Choose a neighbor who hasn’t been booed yet.
  2. Put together a boo basket or surprise treat.
  3. Attach a “You’ve Been Booed” sign and instructions on how to continue to share the Halloween surprise.
  4. Drop off the boo basket at the person’s doorstep without letting them see you.  Knock on the door, or ring the doorbell and run away.

25+ Ideas: What Do You Put in a Boo Basket?

Booing doesn’t need any specific themes or setup (other than Halloween themed). Just treats + a cute sign + someone to boo, that’s all you need. However, creating a themed, Halloween boo basket can be extra fun. Below are some popular items to spark ideas when putting together your boo bags, baskets and buckets. (I think this is the best part of booing.)

Tip: we like to make small bags for each child in a family rather than one big family basket to share. This is especially helpful when there are kids of different ages and you want to include age-appropriate items. 

Cute Boo Bags for Halloween Booing

You’ve Been Booed – Halloween Boo Ideas

Halloween season always means candy and treats, but there are countless creative ways to approach “You’ve Been Booed.” 

My favorite Halloween tradition is putting together a Halloween basket! It’s the most fun part. Boo-ing is a great way to get the neighborhood involved and have some fun with family and friends. Boo bags are a favorite family tradition in my house.

Here’s a list of spooktacularly great ideas to make your boo baskets so much fun:

  1. Printable Activity Basket:  Print out Halloween-themed printables such as Halloween coloring pages, word searches, or a Halloween scavenger hunt. Include crayons or fun markers along with some Halloween stickers to create a basket that will entertain everyone for hours.
  2. Movie Night Basket: Fill a basket with Halloween-themed DVDs or streaming service gift cards, popcorn, candy, and cozy blankets for a spooky movie night at home.
  3. Pumpkin Carving Kit: Provide everything needed for a fun pumpkin carving session, including pumpkins, carving tools, stencils, and even LED tea lights to illuminate the finished creations. Bonus if you include a disposable tablecloth to help with cleanup!
  4. Witch’s Brew Kit: Assemble a kit with ingredients and instructions for making a delicious and spooky Halloween-themed beverage, such as a witches’ punch or a bubbling cauldron of hot cocoa.
  5. Costume Accessories Bag: Create a bag filled with Halloween costume accessories like masks, hats, makeup, and props to help recipients enhance their costumes.
  6. Haunted House Décor Bag: Include spooky decorations like cobwebs, fake spiders, and battery-operated candles to help your neighbors a touch of spooky to their home.
  7. Candy Apple Kit: Put together a kit with apples, caramel or chocolate dip, and various toppings like crushed cookies, sprinkles, and chopped nuts for DIY candy apple making.
  8. Ghostly Glow Bag: Fill a bag with glow-in-the-dark items like bracelets, necklaces, and stickers, perfect for adding an eerie ambiance to Halloween night.
  9. Creepy Cookie Decorating Kit: Provide sugar cookies, colored icing, and a variety of Halloween-themed sprinkles and decorations for a fun cookie-decorating activity.
  10. Monster Mash Mix: Create a spooky-themed mix of snacks and candies, such as gummy worms, OREO eyeball cookies, and Halloween-themed trail mix.
  11. Trick-or-Treat Safety Kit: Assemble a kit with items like reflective tape, glow sticks, and a small flashlight to help keep trick-or-treaters stay safe while they collect Halloween candy.
treats to put in a boo bag

Mix and Match Goodies to create your own fun Boo Basket. Here are some ideas of items you can include:

  1. Cute Pumpkin Snack Bags
  2. Halloween stickers or temporary tattoos
  3. Halloween Coloring pages and crayons
  4. Halloween mini flashlights
  5. A Halloween-themed cup or straws
  6. Small Glow-in-the-dark toys or stickers
  7. Miniature skeletons or plastic spiders
  8. Halloween-themed cookie decorating kit
  9. A Halloween-themed bookmark
  10. Halloween pencils or pens
  11. A small bag of popcorn (with a skeleton face)
  12. Halloween-themed socks
  13. DIY mini Ghost candies
  14. Mini bottles of Halloween nail polish or Halloween nail art stickers
  15. A Halloween-themed puzzle
  16. Pre-preprinted Halloween bingo game
  17. A small pumpkin carving kit

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Halloween Mug filled with treats

Here are a few DIY bag ideas you can make:

Note: if you don’t have a bag or basket, you can also fill a little sandwich bag or lunch bag with treats and add a cute DIY Halloween topper.

What to put in a boo bag or boo basket

Printable You’ve Been Booed Signs

What is a Boo Sign?

A boo sign is typically a cute Halloween image with the saying “you’ve been booed” or “we’ve been booed” that is then displayed on the door or a nearby window as a fun way to let the neighbors know this house has already been booed. The sign is the main piece of the fun Halloween surprise.

Boo sign printables and Halloween coloring pages

Printable Signs

The Boo sign can include a poem or not. Including instructions so your recipient knows how to continue the activity is a good idea. I like booed printables with the poem and instructions on one sheet of paper. Then I can print one sheet and just cut the two apart.

Some people also like to include extra copies of the sign so your friends don’t have to make copies to share with their friends

You can make your own sign or grab a free printable template, print it out, and attach it to your boo basket. Download boo sign free printables here.

Printable Boo Tags

Printable tags are also a good way to go for small treats given to co-workers or teammates. They’d serve as gift tags and boo sign for a desk, cubical or locker. Here’s a cute ghost gift tag, perfect for booing.

A cute gift tag to add to a "you've been booed" gift

Halloween Boo-ing Tips

Now that you’re ready to spread some Halloween boo-ing cheer, here are a few tips to make it all even more enjoyable:

  1. Keep the fun a surprise by delivering the treats secretly.
  2. Include instructions so others know how to play along.
  3. Consider dietary preferences and allergies when choosing treats and basket ideas.
  4. Choose age-appropriate goodies for safe Boos for little ones.
  5. Add a personal touch by creating a themed for your Halloween goodies.

You’ve Been Booed FAQs

When should you BOO a neighbor or friend?

You should “BOO” a neighbor or friend during the month of October in the weeks leading up to Halloween for a festive surprise.

Where should you put your booed sign?

Your “booed” sign should be prominently displayed on the front front door or a nearby window.

What do you put in your “You’ve Been Booed” bag?

You can include Halloween treats, printables, and a friendly note explaining the Halloween boo game. Any little gift idea with a Halloween theme is perfect!

You've Been Booed Ideas

I hope you join in this fun Halloween tradition. With these ultimate Halloween boo ideas, you’re ready to take your spooky celebration to spooktacular!

Gather your boo baskets, get creative, making your own “you’ve been booed idea” into the perfect Halloween gift. Then spread the Halloween spirit in the most fun and memorable way possible. Let the Halloween fun begin – Happy Halloween!

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