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Printable Boo Sign and Poem for Halloween

Grab this free printable Boo Sign and Poem for Halloween.Share the fun by putting together a treat bag for friends and neighbors, I'll show you how. Have you ever Booed your friends, or has a neighbor surprised you with a Boo Bag? This is one of the free Halloween printables you can grab to create your own fun this spooky season.

Free Printable Boo sign for Halloween Boo Bags designed by Jen Goode
Free Printable Boo sign for Halloween Boo Bags designed by Jen Goode

Free Boo Sign Poem and Printable

It's fun to watch as the days go buy, where the boo signs end up throughout the neighborhood. To add in the fun, I've created a boo sign you can download and use. It's a happy ghost in color or just black and white. You can print on any color paper you like to personalize the look. There's also a Boo poem that reads:

Boo Sign and Poem by Jen Goode

You’ve been booed!

Someone sneaky placed this boo
to give this treat just to you!

Tricks and Treats and spooks galore,
now place this Boo upon your door.

Halloween night is almost here
so spread the spooky treating cheer.

Make a copy, then make two
boo 2 friends but don’t tell who,

Friends & neighbors gather ‘round
leave a boo without a sound.

Soon the boos will find their way
to boo each friend in time to say


How to Boo the Neighbors

Put together a bag of treats, attach a Boo Sign and drop off the bag at the door of a friend, ring the doorbell and then hide. Include the special “boo sign” but don't tell the friends the treats are from you. The sign has all these instructions on it, so your friends will know what to do. Your friend then copies the sign and makes 2 treat bags for someone else that they want to boo that doesn't have the sign in their window. Finally your friend puts the boo sign on their door or in a window so everyone can see they've been booed.

Make your own Boo Bag and include this free printable Boo Sign by Jen Goode
Make your own Boo Bag and include this free printable Boo Sign by Jen Goode

What you need to make your own Boo Bag

  • A Bag – any size is fine. We like using small gift bags. I don't buy fancy bags. Usually I buy plain bags that we decorate with stickers and other fun Halloween decor.
  • Treats – you don't have to fill the bag with candy. We like to add enough treats for everyone in the family we are booing. So we'll include things like a few snacks, a lightup toy, glow bracelets, stickers and other fun, inexpensive goodies just for Halloween.
  • A Boo Sign and note – it's important to share what the bag is for, so make sure to include a boo sign for your friends and neighbors to hang in their window to show they've been booed. Also make sure to include instructions that explains how to share the booing fun.
  • That's all you need to boo someone. You can make the bags as fancy or simple as you'd like. grab a bunch of treats from the Dollar Tree or we also love the Dollar Spot at Target.

Boo Bags are also fun to make as a take away bag for a class party or your own Halloween party!


download this art by Jen Goode

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Boo your Friends with not-so-scary boo bags

Do you want to know more about how to Boo your friends? My friend Rajean shares her story, read more.

If you'd like to make some home made treats to include in your Boo Bags, here are a few of our favorites:

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More Boo Bag Ideas

Now get going, get a few treat bags and start spreading that Halloween cheer! Grab a boo sign for yourself, make a couple copies and you'll be set. I'd love to hear how it goes! What kind of fun treats do you put in your Boo bags?


Curious what my favorite supplies are? Check out the list here!

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  1. Thank you for your free printables for Halloween. I love how colorful they are. The potion labels are cute and will go well on the cupcake decorating bar. Rowe


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