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Gingerbread Man Coloring Page

I've keep seeing gingerbread houses and little gingerbread people everywhere. I know it's the holiday season and all, but it's making me hungry! I decided instead of snacking on Christmas treats, I would draw up some Christmas treats.  So, I designed a Gingerbread man coloring page including all kinds of holiday sweets. It's time to get those coloring supplies out and get your coloring page hat on. I hope you love it!

Gingerbread man coloring page designed by Jen Goode
Gingerbread man coloring page designed by Jen Goode

Gingerbread man coloring page

I mixed it up a bit with this Christmas themed coloring page. Instead of my usual watercolor pencils or just straight up regular color pencils, I tried combining colored pencils with markers. I like it! You can add a bit of extra bold color by using a combination of coloring supplies. And you know, you can always add in a little glitter!

Things to make with this Gingerbread man coloring page:

  • Kids activity – whether it's for a kids holiday party or a family fun night, you can set up a table with all kinds of coloring supplies, glitter, and extra stickers for a fun coloring night.
  • Garland – after all the kids color their own gingerbread men, you can cut them out and string them together to make cute, handmade garland.
  • Greeting card – print this image at 1/2 the size, color and then glue to a blank card for a nice hand-colored card for the holidays.
  • Gift tag – print the image at 1/2 size, color just the gingerbread man and then cut him out. Punch a hole and tie on some twine for a cute gift tag.

You can also color the image, make a copy and then make any of the above projects!

Paper gingerbread man tag by Jen Goode
Paper gingerbread man tag by Jen Goode

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Printable gingerbread man coloring page by Jen Goode
Printable gingerbread man coloring page by Jen Goode

I hope you have fun coloring this cute gingerbread man coloring page. I had a ton of fun drawing this one! I'd love to see what you do with yours, stop back by and tell me about it or stop over at the 100 Directions Facebook page to share a picture!


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7 thoughts on “Gingerbread Man Coloring Page”

  1. The printable is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing.

    Would you please consider changing the placement of the ad that appears right under your name under the title of this post? It has a HUGE green DOWNLOAD button and I mistakenly clicked it thinking that’s how I needed to get the coloring page. My computer hasn’t worked right since. I realize I should have looked a little closer, but the placement makes it look like it belongs there and completely looks like its part of your post. It’s a program called ZipRar.

    • I’m so sorry the ad caused problems for you. I will definitely look into adjusting where I can. Thank you for the note letting me know!

      I’m so glad you liked the coloring page!

  2. I am really into Gingerbread people and houses. Thank you for sharing this coloring page! I also downloaded the snowman coloring page and several of your printable gift tags. I was out of gift tags so this is perfect timing. I have bookmarked your page for more creative ideas. Thank you again!


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