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How to Make Cute Gingerbread Man Holiday Party Decor with Cricut

Written by: | Published: November 22, 2017 | Updated: November 02, 2023

Let’s talk about How to Make Cute Gingerbread Man Holiday Party Decor. Whether you need an entire party set up or just the finishing touches, you can create custom decor perfect for your Holiday party in no time.

These Gingerbread man Cricut holiday projects are perfect for creating a fun theme for a home or class party. I’ll show you how to take one project from Cricut Design Space and turn it into a variety of quick and easy finished projects to decorate and celebrate!

Make Gingerbread Man Party Decor with your Cricut

How to Make Cute Gingerbread Man Holiday Party Decor

I’ll be making this entire project with my Cricut. I’m using a Cricut Maker, but most of these projects can be created with any of the modern Cricut machines. If you replace the felt with another material, all pieces can be cut with one of the Cricut Explore machines or the Cricut Joy series.

We’re going to start our DIY party decor adventure today with the Gingerbread man Gift Tags I designed. Decorating a party, we probably won’t need gift tags (although, they are a cute accent for guest favor bags). However, we can easily customize this project to create many other fun party pieces.

Making a gingerbread man party set with your Cricut - designed by Jen Goode

Customizing Ready-Made Projects

Don’t be afraid to play around with the Ready-Made projects in Cricut Design Space. Many of them can be edited easily. Change colors, remove piece or add in your own extra piece. Most of my cut images include a draw line that can be included or removed.

I also like to create cut designs that can be used as fancy cut crafts or flattened for a quick and easy printable cut and go project. When you load a printable design especially, check to see if it’s a single image to print or if it’s flattened (the “unflatten” icon will be available). Flattened projects can be unflattened to allow you to change out colors, patterns and parts. There are so many fantastic ways to get creative with your Cricut!

This is the project I started with… a print-then-cut gingerbread man gift tag.

Ready-to-Make Gingerbread Gift tag from Cricut designed by Jen Goode

Something as simple as a change of text and change the entire use of a project. These gift tags have text to allow the user to write the coordinating names for to and from. Just changing that to “your invited” changes this entire project to an invitation instead.

Editing a Ready-to-Make project with Cricut

You can easily create an entire party setup with a single project – just edit and re-use pieces as you need. I made all of these projects just by editing the gingerbread man project… check it out!

Cricut Design Space projects created from Gingerbread Man gift tag Design Space Ready-to-Make project

Depending on the Ready-made project you are using, you can make a whole bunch of different projects. Change the colors, materials and design layout and you could end up with a whole party set up from a single project! For me… I just wanted to cut a bunch of tiny gingerbread people.

Pile of gingerbread people cut outs made with Cricut

Make Gingerbread Man Holiday Party Decor

For this Gingerbread Man holiday party decor set, I used a few basic materials. White printing paper allows for a whole pile of pieces to be quickly created. I added accents of glitter cardstock in blue and red for extra sparkle. You can mix and match your favorite materials to create the look YOU want.

Gingerbread Party designed by Jen Goode- made with Cricut


  • Cricut Maker Machine – if you don’t have a Maker, just change the fabric projects to another material your machine will cut well.
  • Cricut Design Space software
  • Gingerbread man gift Tags Ready-to-Make project by Jen Goode
  • Cardstock in a variety of colors and finishes (glitter, foil, etc.)
  • Printer
  • Glue

For each individual project I’ll add in additional materials for you to reference.

Gingerbread Man Cupcake picks

In addition to the materials above, you’ll need toothpicks.

Ginggerbread Man Cupcake Picks


  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to print and cut a mini circle and gingerbread man.
  2. Glue the man to the circle (optional). Glue to toothpick to the back of the circle or to the back of the gingerbread man/woman.

Cricut Design Space canvas to make these gingerbread man cupcake picks

Gingerbread Man Straws

You can decorate straws with these same tiny gingerbread men too. Make sure to use paper straws and just glue the little people on to the straw.

Gingerbread man straws - cut DIY for your holiday parties

Gingerbread Man Wall Decor

Materials above and white paper fans. For extra bling, use glitter cardstock.

Gingerbread Man wall decor


  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to print and cut decor circles and gingerbread people.
  2. Assemble as needed.
  3. Attach to the center of each paper fan.

Make It in Cricut Design Space: gingerbread man wall decor

Holiday party Place Cards

I used white cardstock and blue glitter cardstock for these.

Gingerbread Man party label cards
  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to print and/or cut decor circle layers from printed designs and glitter card stock. Cut the backing stands as well.
  2. Write your commentary on each card. Or, optionally, add text to the cards in Design Space.
  3. Assemble as needed with glue.
  4. Display however you’d like.

Make It in Cricut Design Space: gingerbread man party place cards

Gingerbread Man Garland

All you need is printed art on cardstock and twine to make party garland. Alternatively, make your garland with felt. I used brown felt and white canvas to create some of the garland pieces.

Gingerbread man garland made with Cricut


  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to print and cut gingerbread people.
  2. Glue or tape twine or ribbon to the back of the people and hang the garland as desired.

Make It in Cricut Design Space: gingerbread man party garland

You can completely change the look of your garland, depending on the size of ribbon or twine. You can make a string of garland with twine or make a garland band, like this, by using a wide ribbon.

Gingerbread Man Party Apron

You can either sew your gingerbread man decal onto an apron or use fabric glue. You can even use a base layer of vinyl if you prefer. I like the feeling of felt, especially for fun winter parties. If you’d like to be able to wash the apron without ruining the gingerbread man design, try using a fabric other than felt.

Gingerbread man apron applique made with Cricut


  1. Use felt, fabric and iron-on vinyl to make this cut apron decal. using an EasyPress makes this project a breeze to create!
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to cut felt gingerbread man and vinyl accents.
  3. Iron the vinyl accents to the gingerbread.
  4. Stitch or glue the finished gingerbread person on to your apron.

Cricut Design Space canvas to make these gingerbread man party apron

Cutting printable fabric with the Cricut Maker

Side note: I didn’t have any vinyl on hand to make my decal… so instead, I used printable fabric. I printed all the details as a single cut shape and then I applied that cutout to the brown felt Gingerbread man cut out.

Bonus Idea: This is also a cute idea for pot holders and coffee wraps.

Gingerbread Man Earrings

Layered paper makes really great party jewelry! The glue and paper thicken to create nice, sturdy layers that can durable while the paper allows you to print whatever are you’d like!

Make gingerbread earrings with your Cricut
  1. Follow the onscreen instructions to print and cut tiny gingerbread people.
  2. Layer each piece and glue together. I layered 4 pieces of cardstock for these earrings.
  3. Glue an earring post to the back of the gingerbread man design.
  4. To help the earrings last longer, seal with something like Mod Podge or Triple Thick.

Cricut Design Space canvas to make gingerbread man jewelry

Idea: using these same tiny gingerbread people, glue them to a piece of twine to make a cute gingerbread man necklace.

Cute gingerbread Earrings made with Cricut designed by Jen Goode

What do you think? Have you created a pile of projects from one design? I’d love to hear about it. When you use the same images to create different pieces, I think it makes the party prep go by much faster. You don’t have to worry about picking matching colors or images… just go with a single theme and start crafting your party!

Make Gingerbread Man Party Decor with your Cricut - designed by Jen Goode

What other fun Gingerbread man party decor will YOU make?

I’d love to hear what fun DIY party ideas you have!

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