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Top Cricut Maker Questions Answered

Updated: January 16th, 2023

The Cricut Maker is a favorite tool in my craft room. It can cut a huge selection of materials, helping you make countless handmade and customized projects. Here are answers to some of the top questions asked about the Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker top questions answered

From using Design Space to choosing materials to cut, there is plenty to learn about using the Cricut Maker to create projects. It's not just a craft tool, the Cricut Maker is an electronic cutting machine designed to help you make precision cuts with ease.

Cricut Maker top questions answered

If you have a question not listed below, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Top Cricut Maker Questions Answered

So you've purchased a Cricut Maker or maybe you are still thinking about adding this electronic cutting tool to your craft room. I'm sure you'll have a number of questions as you dive in and the more you use this machine. To help get you started, here are some of the top questions asked about using the Cricut Maker.

Is it easy to use a Cricut Maker?

You can easily get up and running using the Cricut Maker in a day. The cutting machine is beautifully designed with minimal manual settings so you don't have to worry about setting dials and adjusting hardware.

To use the Cricut Maker you will need to connect to the Cricut Design Space software using either a computer, ipad, or compatible iOS or Android device. While the machine is simple to use, the software does take a bit of a learning.

Cricut Maker - electronic cutting machine

The easiest way to get started using the Cricut Maker is to follow the project instructions that comes in the box with your new machine. From there, you will be able to set up your machine, set up a Design Space account, learn the basics of the machine and get a head start on understanding how to use the software. Then, I suggest making projects from the Design Space library. These projects are set up with all the designs you'll need and step-by-step instructions for assembling the project.

What materials can I cut with the Cricut Maker?

The Cricut Maker can cut a wide variety of materials from standard copy paper to fabric, leather, acetate and more. Depending on which blade or accessory you use, you can cute any number of project materials.

What materials will the Cricut Maker cut

The standard machine package comes with the standard blade which can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, sticker paper, poster board, and many other paper craft materials.

There are more blade choices you can add to your Cricut Maker to increase the number of materials you can cut.

  • The deep cut blade is perfect for thicker materials like chip board and leather.
  • The rotary blade is designed to cut fabric but it also works really well with delicate materials like tissue paper or paper lace.
  • The knife blade will cut even more challenging materials like basswood and balsa wood.
  • Other materials I've cut include shrink plastic, craft foam and cereal box cardboard.

SHOP: The full line of blades and tools for the Cricut Maker.

What accessories do I need with my Cricut Maker
What accessories do I need with my Cricut Maker

With so many material options, the Cricut Maker is definitely a craft room must have.

What can I make with Cricut?

From classic paper crafts to detailed costumes or beautiful home decor, the Cricut Maker is such a versatile tool. There are so many different uses for this electronic cutting machine. I have over 200 project ideas to help inspire your creativity, but these projects are just a beginning of what you can create with your Cricut. Here's a short list of Cricut project ideas:

  • Cards, gift tags, gift bows and boxes
  • Organization accessories like labels, tags, folders, lists, charts and envelopes
  • Home decorate like signs, plaques, decorative frames and vases
  • Garden accessories like yard flags, vegetable markers and garden stones
  • Customized gifts, apparel, bags, water bottles and mugs
  • And so much more…

Here are a few of my own recent project tutorials. Take a look to get a feel for what you can create with your Cricut Maker.

[justified_image_grid aspect_ratio=1:1 preset=1 thumb_spacing=15 row_height=250 limit=6 recent_posts=yes recents_tags=”cricut-projects” last_row=flexible disable_cropping=yes load_more=click load_more_limit=18]

The Cricut Maker is the most versatile of all the Cricut machines. It can create just about any project for any cutting machine. So if you find projects meant for the Cricut Explore or Cricut Joy, or even another brand, the Cricut Maker will likely be able to handle cutting the materials and designs You are looking to make.

Check out my full list of over 200 Cricut projects you can make.

What add-ons do I need to use the machine and how expensive will it be?

The add-ons or accessories you need to use your Cricut Maker will depend entirely on the type of projects you want to make. The standard product box includes a the machine, blade, mat and pen along with materials and instructions to make a first project. You will need different accessories if you plan to cut fabric vs making cards with art design details. That said, I highly recommend the following extra materials to accompany your Cricut Maker:

What accessories do I need to use the Cricut Maker
What accessories do I need to use the Cricut Maker
  • 3 mat set – lite, standard and strong grip
  • Tool accessory set – this includes tools for scoring and weeding materials
  • Pen set – I'm biases to drawing designs, so I always recommend the pens. However, if you plan to create fabric projects, the Infusible Ink pens are the must have.

Take a look at all of the available accessories and tools for the Cricut Maker on

Prices will vary according to the accessories you purchase. Try finding a bundle that includes the extras you'd like to save some of your creative budget cash.

Can I make money with my Cricut Maker?

You can absolutely make money with your Cricut machine!

There are a number of ways to create handmade projects with the help of your Cricut Maker. Find a project type you'd like to create and offer it for sale through online marketplaces like Etsy, attend craft fairs or even offer finished goods through a local consignment shop.

Cricut Maker Questions Answers
Cricut Maker Questions Answers

The Cricut Maker is a fantastic tool to help you create an unlimited number of projects. This electronic cutting machine is versatile and easy to use.

Get creative and show me what you've make… I'd love to see your hard work!

Learn more about the Cricut Maker here.

Find more Cricut project ideas, tutorials, SVG files and project tips.

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