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Cricut Explore – 10 Reasons You’ll Love It

Written by: | Published: November 25, 2014 | Updated: June 22, 2022

You know I love my Cricut Explore. I wish everyone had one. The creative possibilities with this machine makes it far more than just a craft tool. Creating with Cricut is truly and adventure with the Explore. It’s an every day appliance that you’d to be glad you invested in. You can make the standard paper crafts, cards and labels. Or you can go all out and decorate an entire event, make gifts, decorate your home and even design apparel. It’s beautiful and easy to handle, its light weight and includes storage for the accessory tools you’ll love.

10 Reasons to Love the Cricut Explore - Doodled by Jen Goode
10 Reasons to Love the Cricut Explore – Doodled by Jen Goode

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Love Cricut Explore

  1. The Cricut Explore cuts an amazing variety of materials from standard paper and cardstock to leather, vinyl and even balsa wood!
  2. Design Space is easy to use software available right online. Design Space is an online application you can access from anywhere, so you can take your machine and not have to draw around your computer.
  3. The Cricut Explore can Draw! And there are so many PEN choices – pens and pens to draw all kinds of amazing designs. The pen is my favorite feature!
  4. Design Space includes a HUGE library of images – Design Space is packed with an enormous library of images you can use to create amazing things. Many images are free just having a basic account when you connect your new machine.
  5. Upload your own images into Design Space – this is my second favorite feature of the Cricut Explore and Design space. Design your own SVG files or upload JPG files… I love how much you can create with this machine!
  6. Print then Cut – print out designs with your printer and Cricut Explore will cut them out!
  7. The Cricut Explore has an easy to use material selection dial. You don’t have to guess about the pressure and speed for the material you are cutting. Just choose the material on the dial. You can also set custom cut options in Design Space.
  8. Link up all your original Cricut cartridges with Design Space – you can link your tangible cartridges with your Design Space account and then hide those cartridges away in a box deep in your craft closet.
  9. Bluetooth creativity – there’s a handy dandy Bluetooth adapter and ipad companion app so you can create from your couch and your Cricut Explore will know what you’re designing. Projects are saved to the cloud and you can access the same projects your computer.
  10. Unlimited creativity with your new Cricut Explore – with so many materials to cut, images to design with and choices of tools to use, the possibilities really are endless! Maybe I’m assuming a little much by saying you have a new Explore – but you really should have one. You will create amazing things together!

BONUS Reason to Love Cricut Explore: You can create fantastic projects I’ve designed, check them out here!

10 Reasons to Love Cricut Explore
10 Reasons to Love Cricut Explore

The Cricut Explore This is better than that box of 128 crayons you got when you turned 5… this is like WoooWeeeeYippyHoooRAY without taking a breath. The possibilities of the things you can create with this one machine are truly AMAZING!

You can read more about how much I LOVE this machine.

If you’re still here reading. Just head over to Cricut and see for yourself. Browse the bundles and check out the possibilities. You’re going to love this machine!

Already have this machine? I have some suggestions of accessories and gifts you are going to LOVE! Gifts for the Cricut Crafter and Favorite Cricut User Gift Ideas.

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