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Ugly Sweaters Printable for Your Ugly Sweater Party

Today I'm talking Ugly Sweaters. I was a kid in the 80's and a teen in the 90's, I've worn my share of ugly sweaters. So now, the crazy of wearing them on purpose for holiday fun, I don't know if that's a good or bad blast from the past. But whatever it is, I love the creativity Ugly Sweaters inspire! So, when my friend Angie over at The Country Chic Cottage asked if I wanted to join her Virtual Ugly Sweater Party, I said HECK YEAH, I'm IN! So today I have a printable ugly sweater set that you can use to make a bunch of fun ugly sweater DIY crafts and paper goodies.

DIY Ugly Sweater Crafts with free printable by Jen Goode
DIY Ugly Sweater Crafts with free printable by Jen Goode

This printable Ugly Sweater craft art set comes with 2 sheets of ugly sweater designs. One set is decorated already so you can color them however you like. The second page is a set of plain old boring sweaters you can decorate, they are begging you to add your own creative touch!

Print plain ugly sweater on colored paper and decorate
Print plain ugly sweater on colored paper and decorate

To decorate this little ugly sweater, I printed it out on green card stock. I then used red glitter glue and sprinkled on cupcake sprinkles (don't eat this sweater!. I finished it off with some craft foam letters to spell the word JOY. Yes, I raided my daughter's craft cabinet and the baking cabinet… I used all my cool glitter to take photos of my wood slice ornaments last week, I had to get creative!

Use whatever you like to decorate your ugly sweater
Use whatever you like to decorate your ugly sweater

Craft Ideas you can make with this Ugly Sweater Printable

Here is a list of some of the fun things you can do with these ugly sweater printables. Use your imagination and come up with even more ideas. I'd love to hear about your ugly sweater projects and how you use this art!

Ugly Sweater craft table activity
Ugly Sweater craft table activity

Ugly Sweater Craft Table – are your ugly sweater party, set up a table with these printables and a variety of craft supplies. Invite your guests to make their own ugly sweater. They can color, cut, add glitter, glue on sparkly paper or yarn or chenille stems, gems, whatever you like! We even used craft foam stickers to decorate one of our example ugly sweaters! I seriously grabbed all the fun kid craft supplies for this idea…I don't care how old you are, it's so much more fun to use kid craft supplies than fancy tools and pens for grown-ups.

Ugly sweater ornament
Ugly sweater ornament

Ugly Sweater Ornaments – add a little ribbon loop or use a chenille stem to create a hanger – and decorate your Christmas tree with your own custom ugly sweater ornaments.

Ugly Sweater Gift Tag
Ugly Sweater Gift Tag

Gift Tag – decorate your own ugly sweaters and then add to your gift wrapping for a fun personal touch.

Party banner or garland – create a banner by stringing a bunch of ugly sweaters together.

Beverage wrappers – Wrap beverages with paper and apply an ugly sweater to decorate it.

Cupcake or cake flags – print at 50% size and then attach a toothpick to create cute little ugly sweater cupcake flags.

Place cards – make a table tent and attach an ugly sweater to the front, then write whatever you'd like in the center.

Party invites – use these ugly sweater doodles to decorate your party invitations.

And much more… what will you create?

If you're worried about your own creative juices lacking when it comes to designing your own ugly sweater. Don't fret any longer! Here's my husband sharing his own version of an ugly sweater. If he can do it, so can you!

Ugly sweater and handsom husband
Ugly sweater and handsom husband

So go grab your own copy, right down here. Click that download button and start imagining your fabulously fun ugly sweater creation!

This printable art will print in black and white only, there is no color on the printed page… you add your own color!

download this art by Jen Goode

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Also, I have an ugly sweater cut file available through Cricut Design Space. So if you really don't want to cut out all your ugly sweaters by hand and you have a Cricut Machine, head over to DS and grab my ugly sweater design.

MORE Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

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So now matter what you want to do with your ugly sweater creativity, don't hold back, just do it. Color, paint, glitter it up, whatever you like. Get creative and have fun. It's an ugly sweater, not a fancy wedding cake! I'd love to see what you create, please stop back by and share. OR, give me a shout on Instagram (@jgoodedesigns) or stop by my Facebook page (


Now for more Ugly Sweater Fun… check out what everyone else is bringing to this fun Ugly Sweater Party!



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