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Quick Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Written by: | Published: September 03, 2015 | Updated: June 18, 2018

This breakfast burrito recipe is so easy to make and so delicious. It’s a quick, on-the-go breakfast recipe that is sure to be a hit. We love to make this simple recipe when we know we’re going to be on the road or at a sports event. You can make them ahead of time and heat up right before you leave. or you can make them in the morning before you head out where ever you are going. These breakfast burritos are a favorite for long sports tournament weekends too.

Breakfast Burrito Recipe

With veggies – remember, you can add or remove any ingredients you want. You can’t mess up a breakfast burrito. The only thing that can go wrong is not cooking the food enough or maybe burning it (which I do sometimes). So just watch your cooking and you’ll be set! Another thing to note.. if you are cooking with sausage or another salty meat, don’t add more salt without tasting the mixture first or you could end up with a big mouthful of not-so-yummy salt food.


Breakfast Burrito ingredients
Breakfast Burrito ingredients

Looking for the shopping list? Check out all the ingredients for these quick breakfast burritos.

Instructions to make veggie breakfast burritos

If you are in a hurry, you can cook up a whole batch of these breakfast burritos in about 20 minutes as long as your sausage is pre-cooked or you leave the meat out.

  1. Mix eggs and milk together in a bowl and set aside.
  2. In a large skillet melt the butter on medium to medium-high. Add in the mushrooms and onions. Sautee until the onions are soft.
  3. Add in sausage and the rest of the vegetables. Cook until the spinach is wilted down.
  4. Add in egg mixture and cook thoroughly, stirring occasionally. When its all cooked you’ll end up with a scrambled egg kind of mixture with all your veggies and eggs and sausage mixed together.
  5. Scoop some egg mixture into a tortilla, top with cheese and roll the tortilla closed. If you use a larger tortilla, you can properly fold it if you’d like.
  6. You can wrap each burrito in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for later or eat hot and fresh immediately.

Makes about 6 burritos, depending on how much you fill each.

Cooking veggies and sausage for breakfast burritos
Cooking veggies and sausage for breakfast burritos


Cooked veggies for breakfast burritos
Cooked veggies for breakfast burritos


Making breakfast burritos
Making breakfast burritos

I haven’t tried freezing the vegetable burritos yet, but the standard egg, sausage and cheese breakfast burritos turn out great from the freezer! If you want to wrap up these burritos, just grab some plastic wrap – I prefer Press ‘n Seal (LOVE IT!) – and then roll the burrito until it seals.. then close and fold the ends. For this batch of burritos, I did not fold the tortilla ends, but you can if you’d like.

Quick and Delicious Breakfast Burritos with Vegetables
Quick and Delicious Breakfast Burritos with Vegetables

More Breakfast Burrito Recipes

Would you like to make the classic egg, sausage and potato easy breakfast burrito? We make these ahead of time in big batches, freeze them and then the kids have a hot, homemade breakfast every day without the wait.

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Classic eggs and sausage breakfast burrito recipe

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Do you have a favorite breakfast burrito recipe?

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14 thoughts on “Quick Breakfast Burrito Recipe”

  1. How do you reheat the breakfast burrito? What is the preferred method. Thanks, I can’t wait to try these recipes with my family.

    • I prefer to pop the burritos in the microwave if we are just cooking one at a time. If you want to reheat a whole batch, loading them up in a casserole dish and then putting them in the oven for 15 minutes or so should work well (make sure to remove the plastic wrap if baking).

  2. Hi Jen! I can’t wait to try these, I’m always starving in the morning but never have time for breakfast. Could you please tell me how long you reheat in the microwave and how (wrap in paper towel, etc.)?


    • Oh I’m thrilled you are going to try this recipe Jurry! I usually keep our burritos wrapped in the plastic wrap because it helps keep them moist, but you can reheat wrapped in a paper towel instead. If they are frozen, usually a minute or 2 is plenty of time. Just try reheating about 45 seconds or a minute and then cut in half to see how the center is.

  3. This is a godsend. I have to leave for work at around 6am and am always way too tired to cook. I pop one of these in the microwave and am out the door. Thank you!!

  4. Hello Jen,
    I do not have a microwave. Could I have reheating instructions for the oven. Thanks for the recipe. Also I would like to incorporate salsa with these burritos. However, would the salsa make them soggy?

    • Hi Melissa, I’m not 100% sure because I’m a bit too impatient to reheat in the oven. I eat cold (cooked) food often lol. But, I am going guess that placing the burritos in a casserole dish, top with salsa and then cover with alumium foil and heat at 325 until warm all the way thorough. If they are frozen, maybe 20 minutes? If they are thawed I would think 10 minutes would be fine. You could also try wrapping with the foil and heating in the oven that way. I’d love to hear if you try either of these, what works for you. Thanks for the question!

  5. Hi Jen! Based on the ingredient quantity you list here, do you have a rough estimate of how many burritos this would make (with the 9″ tortillas, as you mention)?

    • Yes! We do freeze them and it does work out ok. I think they are a better quality than the frozen breakfast burritos you might buy at the grocery store. I think they taste better reheated, if you add a little extra cheese on top. (Maybe even some salsa)


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