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Personalized Pencil Bag

Today I'm making a personalized pencil bag and you can too in under 30 minutes! Instead of using my own art design, I decided today I would just make word art so everyone with a Cricut machine could make this pretty design. Cricut Projects for the win! I had a sparkly pencil bag I've been trying to come up with a use, today, you've helped me figure it out! This is my new Fabulous Cricut tool bag – everything is so much better with glitter, right?


Today's theme is “Classy”. To me that is clean lines, elegant and a little bit of bling. Classy is not overbearing but stands out in a crowd. When you are looking to represent a specific look or theme, try to identify what makes that look unique. Choose colors, textures and line work that coordinates with what you envision the theme to be. Fonts choice is important too. Because “classy” is an elegant look in my mind, I made sure to choose a font that looked elegant to me. A cute font or a thick manly font would have changed the look entirely

Personalized Pencil Bag


What I'm Using: For this tutorial, I am using a Cricut Explore cutting machine and Design Space. The exact directions for your own tools might be different. Here's the general idea.

How to make this personalized pencil bag

  1. Create word art using the Soiree Lettering font.
  2. Set the Cricut explore cut setting to Vinyl.
  3. Cut the word.
  4. Weed unneeded vinyl.
  5. Using transfer paper, remove vinyl word art from the backing paper and apply to the pencil bag. Remove transfer paper.
  6. Rub to ensure a good stick to the pencil bag.

Insider secret: When I made my word art, the excess vinyl wasn't removing as easily as I had hoped (I think I need to change my cutting mat). So instead of using transfer paper, I just cut around the outside of the word art and then placed the entire piece on my bag. I weeded the excess vinyl from that point. It worked, but I don't recommend this approach if you can avoid it. The vinyl is super sticky and you don't want it to tear when removing the excess… but if you're patient, and out of choices, this route works too.

Ta Dah! A pretty, classy, and oh so sparkly bag just waiting to be filled with someone fabulous! I filled mine with all my Cricut pens and tools.. it's the perfect size!




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You can use this same technique on anything that the vinyl will stick to. Personalize furniture, desk accessories, walls, decor and piles of other things. This personalized pencil bag is a great project to try your hand at using the vinyl and would even make a great gift idea. I'd love to hear if you make this project, stop back by and tell me all about it!



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