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DIY Stay Home Date Night Ideas

Written by: | Published: March 08, 2017 | Updated: September 05, 2023

At my house we don’t plan enough date nights. So after a friend of mine shared her Date Night idea jar, I thought it would be fun to start collecting ideas for DIY stay home date night ideas. We tend to not go out much, we’re too tired or busy or traveling. So because we don’t leave the house, there is no date. Well, we don’t have to leave the house to have a fun date night. So here are some of the ideas I came up with and ways to inspire more stay home date night ideas.

Stay Home Date Night Ideas
Stay Home Date Night Ideas

DIY Stay Home Date Night Ideas

Not matter what kinds of things you like to do together, there’s always something fun to you can do to turn an ordinary night into a stay home date night. Instead of going out for dinner, you can order take out, make a fun dinner for the night or best of all, make dinner together. Activities don’t have to be complex or overly planned, something fun and simple but together is the best idea. Here are some of the ideas you can try to start your new fun stay at home date nights.

Stay home date night activities

  • Rent a movie – You can pick up something from Redbox, rent from Netflix or onDemand or head over to Amazon Prime and pick your favorite movie. Don’t forget the movie snacks. If you want movie night to be a little more fancy, make your own Date Night Crate full of movie snacks and accessories.
  • Star watching – If it’s warm enough outside, grab some snacks and a drink and go sit outside together and gaze at the stars. If you’re really interested, you can bring along some binoculars or a telescope for some serious star gazing.
  • Comedy show night – Pick a comedy show on an onDemand service and enjoy some laughs on the couch together.
  • Game night – Feeling competitive? Play a game. You can also make your own Truth or Dare Janga as a date night activity and then play the game another date night.
  • Card game night – This falls into the game night activity, but I gave it it’s own listing because card games can be a category all their own. Play simple silly games for an easy going, relaxing night or get out the chips and chocolate chip cookies for betting and play a serious gave of poker, you choose.
  • Sports Fan Fun – If you’re both big sports fans, staying home and making a date night out of game night is a fun way to combine two great activities without ever leaving the house. Whip up a bunch of game day food and a spot on the couch and you’re set! (Cream cheese veggie dip and Bacon Shrimp Pepper Poppers are always hits.)
  • Backyard Picnic – When the weather is nice, grab a blanket and yummy lunch and head to the backyard for a fun picnic. I’ve got a couple good recipes (fancy chicken salad sandwiches, mmmm!) and picnic crafts you can make for your day time date.

Stay home date dinner ideas

  • Order deliver/take-out – We used to enjoy “Chinese food Fridays”. It’s a fun routine to look forward to after a long week.
  • Make your own pizza night – Grab some premade pizza crusts and your favorite toppings and have fun making your own pizzas together. It’s even more fun to roll out the dough and make your own silly shaped pizzas.
  • Roast marshmallows – Do you have an outdoor fire pit? Roast some marshmallows or cook up some jiffy pop. Sitting together, chatting by a fire… that’s fun, remember?
  • Dinner on the Deck – My husband loves to grill, so a date night with something yummy from the grill and a nice, romantic evening under the stars is a perfect stay home date for him.

With so many fun ideas of stay home date nights, I think you need a way to keep the fun going. My friend Kate has a great Date Night Jar – Cute DIY craft you can make to turn all those fun date nights into a game. Check out her full tutorial and get ready for all kinds of fun date night’s ahead!



Jar of Dates by Songs Kate Sang
Date Night Jar – Cute DIY

Write down all the ideas you can think of that would make fun stay home dates and add them to your fancy new date jar. It makes it so much easier to spend time together when you don’t have to think up the ideas and just need to make the time. It seems simple or maybe like common sense, but sometimes date night ideas just become routine dinner out. Change it up a bit and have some fun together doing something new or a little creative.


Stay Home Date Night Ideas
Stay Home Date Night Ideas
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