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Decorate Your iPad with Vinyl

Written by: | Published: July 20, 2015 | Updated: August 08, 2023

Grab your iPad and your creativity and get ready to decorate your iPad with Vinyl today. Oh how I LOVE working with vinyl and my Cricut machine! You can decorate so many things with vinyl, from clothing to decor and even art pieces.. and there’s not drying time like you have with paint!


Today’s project is featuring vinyl that I received courtesy of Expressions Vinyl (thank YOU EV)… you’re going to love this product too!

Decorate Your iPad with Vinyl

This is actually two projects, so today I am focusing on sharing about the fun personalizing I did with my iPad and a cool brushed metallic vinyl. I’ll share my no-new iPad case and vinyl accents later.

This little robot design, is my own original art and is available through the Cricut Design Space. Keep reading, I have links for everything below.

I ordered a bunch of different colors and types of vinyl so I could try a few different things. So today is the first of many to come. My favorite of the bunch is the brushed metallic, it’s a really thin vinyl with a super cool texture (they call it “silver leaf”).

When cut, the metallic almost looks like it has finger prints in it, pretty neat! Some of this vinyl is self stick- used to decor pieces. Some of the vinyl is iron-on and great for clothing accents.

I looked at the sale section to grab as many colors as possible – more bang for my buck. This entire order cost 29.44 – cool, right!?

Products from Expressions Vinyl
Products from Expressions Vinyl

Decorate your iPad with Vinyl

The details. You can use any design you want. The beauty of vinyl is that you can use it on materials that are difficult to decorate. You wouldn’t paint your iPad, right?

If you’d like to create this same look, I have a project file you can access through the Cricut Design Space. You can edit, add, or remove any pieces you’d like. The most important piece is the vinyl you choose.

This metallic vinyl is pretty awesome! It reminds me of the fun metallic stickers we used to use… it’s a thin, shimmery material and cuts amazingly!



  1. Grab your vinyl – I know, tons of choices, you can do it! Then you can do it again because vinyl can be changed repeatedly if you want.
  2. Head to Cricut Design Space and take a look at my Robot design. Follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Weed out all the non-essential pieces of vinyl.
  4. Use the transfer tape to apply the vinyl to your iPad as you’d like.
  5. That’s it!

Tip: Make sure your iPad is SUPER CLEAN so the vinyl can stick. If I were to do this again, I might choose one of the glitter vinyls instead.

This vinyl is fantastic, but in some areas, because I have sticky finger kids, the adhesive didn’t stick as well as I would have liked. This is not the vinyl’s fault. Sticking to glass is not easy. Grubby hands and a delicate material, that’s a tough thing to work with.

Expressions Vinyl has plenty of other options that would work even better. The white glitter I used was perfect!

Robot cut design using Expressions Vinyl brushed metallic
Robot cut design using Expressions Vinyl brushed metallic

I used a white glitter vinyl for the Smile vinyl design. No matter how hard I tried, there was no getting a photo of the sparkle.. so please pretend you can see it!

You could use any colors you’d like. Create a really colorful design or go with just one color. It’s totally up to you. The vinyl from Expressions Vinyl is easy to cut, easy to remove from the backing and sticks very nicely.


Look at this cool texture in the vinyl silver leaf flower. Do you love it too!? I love how clean and smooth the cut lines are. This vinyl is really fantastic to work with!


You could also take a sharpie and doodle on the vinyl for more decorating fun. I was going to add some doodle details to my little robot but decided I like the vinyl only look instead.

Vinyl robot design created by Jen Goode - made with Expressions Vinyl and Cricut
Vinyl robot design created by Jen Goode – made with Expressions Vinyl and Cricut

You should be able to copy and use my project to make your own. Head over to Cricut Design Space to check out my Robot iPad project. If you have problems with it, let me know. (You can also choose from 2 other robot designs I have available in Design Space).

Next time I’ll show you how to make this iPad case. It’s truly no-sew! There’s some neat tricks I tested out.. like using the vinyl to add a pocket to the front.. it’s like pretty, iron-on tape!

Decorate with Expressions Vinyl Design by Jen Goode
Decorate with Expressions Vinyl Design by Jen Goode

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