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Save Money on Cricut Supplies, Machines and Materials

Written by: | Published: January 28, 2023 | Updated: March 10, 2023

Learn tips and tricks to save money on your Cricut supplies, machines and materials. I’ve been thinking about ways to save money with crafting. Handmade is a great way to save instead of buying everything pre-made at the store, but all crafters know those crafts can cost more to make than we’d like. And Cricut crafts are no exception.

How to save money on Cricut supplies

How to Save Money on Cricut Supplies and Materials

Thinking smart about how we use our Cricut materials can save a ton of money. From where to shop, what to shop for, and how to use Cricut supplies, there is money to be saved. Here are my favorite tips to save money on your Cricut crafts.

  1. Save scraps: Vinyl, cardstock and other craft materials can get pricey with all the pieces we want to cut. Save money by saving your scraps to use for those smaller pieces.
  2. Test your projects first: test your cut files before using your final materials. i like to use basic copy paper before cutting cardstock or vinyl. Use paper you’d throw away to cut designs you want to put on a t-shirt to check for sizing.
  3. Turn one project into another: I like to use my colored coloring pages, cards and other old crafts into new crafts. Cut out images, remove embellishments, or repurpose the materials for something new.
  4. Save material with Design Space: Move cut designs around on the “mat” in Cricut Design Space before cutting materials. I like to lay out all my pieces and then attach before even sending to the mat. 
  5. Sign up for a free Cricut Access account: if you haven’t done it already, there is a completely free version of Cricut Access you can sign up for. It includes thousands of images and 15+ fonts you can use… completely free. Learn more here.
  6. Use your junk mail: real, paper junk mail is perfect for crafting! All that paper junk mail can be repurposed and used to make a variety of paper crafts. Use it to test how files will cut, or use it to make your own decorative papers by painting or coloring. 
  7. Coupon match: I’ve found some stores will honor competitor coupons. If you haven’t tried it, ask the next time you’re shopping if the store you are at will match a competitor’s coupon. 
  8. Buy in bulk: Purchasing larger quantities of supplies or blanks can save you money per item. This is great for blanks, paper, glue, anything you use often. (I buy pens in bulk packs!)
  9. Cut materials before using your Cricut: if your project won’t take an entire sheet of cardstock or vinyl, cut down the material before placing on your mat. This saves from unnecessary waste when removing the material from your mat. remember to measure first!
  10. Shop discount stores: I’ve been able to find Cricut-compatible supplies at my local Dollar Tree and 5 Below stores as well as a few Thrift stores.
  11. Use packaging and other uncommon supplies: turn your food packaging materials into craft materials. Cereal boxes, plastic containers, and other kitchen “waste” containers can often cut with the Cricut Maker or Explore and turned into fantastic craft projects.
  12. Print your own pattern paper: use patterns from Design Space or printables found online to create your own pattern paper crafts. You don’t have a print an entire sheet, just enough for your project.
  13. Shop for discount materials online: Sometimes you can find materials or machines on NextDoor and Facebook Marketplace or even the local Freecycle community. Remember to be careful when buying from individual sellers you don’t know.
  14. Use the Cricut Access Discount: If you have a Cricut Access account, you can save on all your purchases through Get the details here.
  15. Join a Cricut swap group: Swapping materials with other Cricut users is a great way to access new materials without spending any money.
  16. Look for second-hand craft stores: Some cities have second-hand stores that specialize in craft supplies (like a thrift store). Search Google for stores in your location.
  17. Learn how to use Design Space to edit images: you can use images in all kinds of ways when creating your projects in Cricut Design Space. Learn how the software works so you can get more out of the images you create with. 
  18. Shop sales and clearance items: This is obvious, right?
    Remember, the Cricut sales page always has some kind of deal. This week there is a 40% off sale on supplies! Plus, local stores like Michaels and Joann have some hidden gems in their clearance sections.
  19. Clean your mats: carefully wash your Cricut mats to revive the adhesive surface. Remember to keep them covered when not in use.
  20. Pay for quality: free is always great until it isn’t. I’ve found some online freebies, especially cut files, can cost more time and money than buying a good quality image. Sometimes spending money on the right files will result in higher-quality images and less time spent hunting for images or trying to make a free image work.
  21. Make your own specialty materials: some materials used with the Cricut machine can be made for less at home.  Try freezer paper stencils and fabric paint instead of HTV. Or make your own glitter cardstock with a can on spray paper and plain cardstock. 
  22. Use my Cricut coupon code: save an additional 10% on some items from using my code jgoodevips. You can stack this coupon on top of sales items and your Access account too!  (Minimum purchase required.)

Do you have a favorite money-saving tip? I’d love to hear it!

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