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New Disney Store Encourages Imagination

Written by: | Published: June 01, 2012 | Updated: June 05, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to take a pre-opening tour of the new Disney Store in Lone Tree, Colorado. Along with the new location, there’s a new store concept, with the goal of inspiring imagination and being the best 30 minutes in a child’s day. Although it’s a relatively small store, it’s packed full of Disney wonder and packed full of all kinds of things to discover and explore. From the regular events to the interactive activities, the new Disney store should definitely be added to your summer fun activity list.

New Disney Store in Lone Tree Colorado
New Disney Store in Lone Tree Colorado

You and your child can get involved with various activities at the Disney Store. There are daily activities and events from story time to the magic mirror and theater area which includes a video selection screen where kids can choose their favorites to display on the big theater screen. You’ll find classic Disney magic throughout the store with a touch of local flavor. Each new Disney store also features local landmarks painted into the murals along the top of the store walls to help bring in an element of story telling about the local area.

Disney Store
Disney Store
Disney store pixie dust trail
Disney store pixie dust trail
Disney store play tunnel
Disney store play tunnel

Some fun facts about the new Disney Store:

  • Every morning the Disney Store opens with a ceremony to “unlock imagination”. One child each day is selected to help awaken the store and will receive a special treat for helping.
  • There are large trees that reach floor to ceiling that display video imagery. These trees change with each season.
  • There’s a kiosk at the front of the store that will display the current events schedule. You can also find the event calendar by visiting and then choose your local store.
  • There are at least 2 hidden Mickeys in the Lone Tree store!
  • There’s a display of Mickey toys with a tunnel kids can crawl through. On the display there are gears that you can turn and buttons that play a sound.
  • A princess  can magically appear by the castle with the wave of a wand.
  • There’s a magic pixie dust trail you can follow throughout the store. (They tell me kids wander however they like throughout the store but adults tend to follow the trail.)
  • Kids can choose which videos they’d like to see on the theater’s big screen.
  • Tinkerbell occasionally flies about spreading to magic pixie dust through the trees.
  • Many of the products at the Disney store are exclusive to Disney Stores specifically. You won’t find them at other local retailers.
  • There’s an entire display of fantastic goodies for the new feature film, BRAVE.
  • Join us June 9th for the Grand Opening of the Disney Store
    in Lone Tree (in Park Meadows Mall)

Playing at the Disney Store - twirling in the castle
Playing at the Disney Store - twirling in the castle

There’s always opportunity for more spontaneous magic at the Disney store. If it’s your child’s birthday, tell a cast member and your child will receive a special birthday crown. Kids can have their names displayed on the theater’s big screen, even if its an unbirthday!  While visiting, I was able to meet and chat two of the store managers, Shawnkevin and Jennifer. There both super nice and eager to help. We had a fantastic time visiting the new Disney store in Lone Tree. I’m excited to finally see a little piece of Disney return to the south Denver area. Make a point to stop by this summer – and if you don’t live in Colorado, look for a new Disney Store near you!

Sleepy girl after playing at the Disney store
Sleepy girl after playing at the Disney store

Thank you Disney store for the tour and the awesome goodies!


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