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Marshmallow Monster Treat Pops

Here are some super fun to make Halloween Marshmallow Monster treat pops. Last year I found some Zombie marshmallow treats on Pinterest that I absolutely LOVED. So, I created these as an activity for my son's class party. I usually go for a Halloween Party mix, but thought a playing with our food sounded like more fun. So, we set it up as an food craft for the kids to make themselves and they had a BLAST! So this year for our annual block party I thought I would bring out the marshmallows again. Unfortunately, when I had my daughter try to help, she struggled with drawing on the marshmallows. So, we opted for making all these treats ahead of time instead of setting up the DIY treat activity. That said, you and your kids can have fun together working on this as a fun family activity!

Marshmallow Monsters
Marshmallow Monsters

Marshmallow Monster Treats


  • Standard sized marshmallows
  • Candy sticks
  • Colored sprinkles – the sugar kind, not the candy kind
  • Food safe markers
  • Small bowl of water



What you need to make Marshmallow Monster Pops
What you need to make Marshmallow Monster Pops

Tip: make a pop holder using styrofoam inside a bucket. I covered mine in aluminum foil and then placed the pops in the bucket.

Marshmallow Monsters
Marshmallow Monsters

Making your marshmallow monsters

  1. Set up a bowl for each color of sprinkles you want to use and a very shallow bowl of water. You'll also want to set up something to place your finished monsters in while they dry. I used a spaghetti colander, turned upside down.
  2. Place a marshmallow on the candy stick. Be careful not to poke though both ends of the marshmallow.
  3. Quick dip the end of the marshmallow in water. Gently shake off excess water. Dip into sprinkles.
  4. Using the food safe markers, draw whatever faces you'd like.
  5. Place in a stand to allow to dry.
  6. Serve and enjoy!
Marshmallow Monster Pops
Marshmallow Monster Pops

(The green eyes on the one monster above is actually a smashed mini marshmallow that I first cut in half.)

You can make all kinds of fun faces, spooky or scary or silly. Use whatever colors you'd like for the sprinkles or use the same colors I did. These Marshmallow Monsters are super fun to make with the family. If you have younger kids that have a hard time drawing on the marshmallows, have them help with adding the sprinkles on the heads or even putting the marshmallows on the sticks. If you're looking for more yummy Halloween Treats, I have a growing list on my Halloween Page. As always, I'd love to hear if you make these fun treats, stop back by and let me know!


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12 thoughts on “Marshmallow Monster Treat Pops”

  1. I tried this for my stepdaughter’s sleepover this past weekend! I tweaked it a bit as I didn’t have food save markers so we used some small yellow and orange icing tubes. They loved it!!

    • I’ve purchased the markers in the cake decorating section of local crafts store and you can also get them online. Sometimes they are called candy markers.


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