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Make fuzzy monsters

Written by: | Published: July 25, 2012 | Updated: June 05, 2017

Here’s a craft kit thats fun AND fuzzy. It’s the Fuzzy Monster kit which comes with a variety of chenille stems (pipe cleaners) in various sizes and colors along with some googley eyes, felt accessories and even a little bottle of clue., sent us this kit to try. We had a great time, although beware, the fuzz does shed a little, especially if you cut it. No problem, just make sure your vacuum is on hand!

make your own fuzzy monsters
make your own fuzzy monsters

Because the fuzzy pieces are pipe cleaners, you can bend them, twist them and tie them into knots. Wrap them around  each other to make bodies, arms, heads, legs and even antennas – sure, you could make a monster alien.  Then you simply glue the felt accessories where ever you’d like and then glue on eyes.

Fuzzy monster kit from
Fuzzy monster kit from

The kit also comes with a little instruction page with photos of example monsters and steps to follow. We are an anti-instruction reading group, so we just dove right into the box to make our own monster creations. This is an activity that is great for any age – my kids stayed busy for well over an hour!

The trick to really keep them busy was to hide the glue for a while so they would just play with the fuzzy pieces. I told them to experiement and play around before they glued everything together. The, once they liked the creature they had built, we got out the glue and added the extras.

Big monster action figure created by my son
Big monster action figure created by my son
Multi-eyed monster created by my daughter
Multi-eyed monster created by my daughter
cute cuddly monster made by Mom
cute cuddly monster made by Mom


What I really like most about this kit is it come with everything you need to make a few different monsters. We could have used it for a more had I limited each monster to 5 or so pieces, but instead I let the kids go crazy and use all the materials they wanted. We still have enough to make a couple more monsters. Although I think my daughter used up all the googley eyes on her monster creation. Tons of fuzzy fun! You can find this kit at your local Walmart store or look for Jumbo Fuzzies Monster craft kit online. They also have a Jumbo Fuzzy Animals kit.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do with a bunch of fuzzy monsters running around the house, but maybe they’ll keep the mini princess dolls and LEGO army men company!

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