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Crafting with My Favorite Things Die Cuts and Stamps

Written by: | Published: July 26, 2012 | Updated: July 12, 2019

Let’s talk about die cuts and stamps. I selected a ticket looking die cut and coordinating stamps but I wanted to use it a little differently. It reminds me of a movie ticket, although the product is label as just “ticket”. I didn’t want to make the obvious movie ticket themed card or invite so instead I did a play on the shapes of the materials. Just because a material has an implied use doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. If that were the case, there’s no way we’d see spinach in smoothies or even wheels on roller skates.

movie ticket inspired wall decor
movie ticket inspired wall decor

I decided to make a home decor piece. I didn’t really have a specific purpose in mind. I started the project at a friends house, in her design studio, so I was more interested in having fun than creating something on purpose. Sometimes, I think it’s important just to enjoy the process, rather than the reason. Creativity and crafting is not necessarily an objective based activity. Unless your objective is to simply enjoy your creativity – cheers to that!

movie ticket die and stamps set from My Favorite Things
movie ticket die and stamps set from My Favorite Things

I was thinking this would make a great little note board or a chore chart. The cork area really isn’t big enough to do much with it, so really it’s more of a decorative piece. You could change out the little ticket stubs for different seasons just to add interest. Or maybe you can leave subtle notes to members of the family… see how long it takes them to discover your message.  For the purpose of this tutorial, it’s simply a piece of wall decor that I think I’ll leave on the cabinet here in my studio.

I’m not going to provide you with an indepth tutorial because there is so much you could alter for your own happiness. I’ll share some of the main features of things I did and then if you make your own ticket stub inspired piece, tell me about it and we can oogle over eachother’s creative genius!

Steps to make a movie ticket stub themed wall decor

Materials you need:

  • Movie Ticket die cut and stamp set from My Favorite Things
  • Brown Buttons  from Buttons Galor and More
  • Brown card stock
  • Black card stock
  • Corrugated brown paper/card stock
  • Cork board
  • Glue
  • Twine in a couple different shades of brown
  • Cute tiny clothes pins (they don’t have to be cute but I think tiny lends itself to automatically being cute)
  • Black pen
  • Word stamps from My Favorite Things
  • Paper flowers
  • Black foam board – cut to fit frame
  • Bronze eyelets and Crop-a-dile or eyelet setter
  • Vintage frame

Make your own ticket stub inspired wall decor

  1. Using the ticket stub die and your cut cut machine, cut out brown ticket stubs, and stubs from black rectangles.
  2. Use the black cut out spaces as frames to create a flower with layers of paper flowers and hand drawn stems. Tie twine through each of 3 buttons, glue buttons in center of each flower. Use word art stamps to add in sentiments below each flower.
  3. Glue flower pieces on the corrugated card stock. Add eyelets for an extra detail. Wrap bottom with twine, tie in a bow. Glue piece to black foam board.
  4. Adhere cork to foam board. Wrap with twine, adding buttons periodically as you go. Glue buttons in place. To add interest, I cut the cork into multiple pieces and then glued back together. You could, however, simply glue the cork as is in place.
  5. Stamp extra movie tickets and attach with small clothes pin.
use ticket die to create frames - use buttons to complete the look
use ticket die to create frames – use buttons to complete the look
add twine for extra detail and interest
add twine for extra detail and interest
finish with fun ticket stub accents
finish with fun ticket stub accents

I think this decor would make a great project with the “love”, “joy” and “urmyfav” sentiments. Regardless, I’m going to horde it to myself for now. I’d love to see this as part of a series, different pieces featuring different facets of a movie theme but not entirely movie related. The movie ticket die cut shape is interesting to me, I see it as a fun frame or a mini notebook. You could however, go the other way and use it as is to represent a carnival or a raffle… or a movie theater night. I love the idea of multi-use

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  1. I love your creativity and the idea of putting together a pice of altered art. Whether it’s functional or just pretty, it is fun to be creative. Thanks for the inspiration!


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