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Make Your Own Drawing Art Easter Eggs

Updated: January 16th, 2023

Get a pen and a craft egg and create your own drawing art Easter egg.  This makes such a pretty Easter project. You don't need a ton of supplies, just craft eggs, and a permanent pen. I wouldn't recommend drawing on real eggs, but if you're feeling adventurous, go ahead and experiment! Look for links below for where you can find your own craft eggs.

Drawing art Easter eggs - by Jen Goode
Drawing art Easter eggs – by Jen Goode

Make Your Own Drawing Art Easter Eggs

Making these art eggs really isn't that difficult. You don't have to have super pretty, precise lines. You can draw anything you like. You just need a fine point Sharpie marker and your own creative mojo. I tried using a few different pens but found the sharpie did the best job.

Drawing on real eggs

I've always wanted to create art eggs. However, I've never really wanted to draw on a real egg… I was worried about things like, what if I grip too hard or draw too hard and crack the egg? Or does the ink soak through so we can't eat the egg? So, when I was at the store and I saw some crafting eggs, I grabbed a whole carton! Now we can all draw on eggs to make them pretty for Easter without worrying about all the details.


Easy drawing on craft eggs
Easy drawing on craft eggs

  1. Wash and dry the craft egg to make sure there is no extra dust or residue on the eggs.
  2. Draw on the egg. I recommend drawing on one side, letting the ink set for about 10 minutes and then draw on the other side just to avoid smudging.

Drawing Art Easter Eggs – watch this video

Check out these step-by-step photos to help you create your own hand-drawn art Easter eggs.

Draw on craft eggs
Draw on craft eggs
Use hand drawn Easter eggs to decorate
Use hand-drawn Easter eggs to decorate

Doodle cute flowers to decorate craft Easter Eggs
Doodle cute flowers to decorate craft Easter Eggs

You can color in your design with colored pencils. I tried painting and marker blending on the eggs I purchased. Whatever they are made of makes it so the color inks don't stick. However, you could use colored sharpies to color in your eggs, that would look fantastic!

You can also use standard plastic Easter eggs and your Sharpie marker. I found that technique to work well too.

Draw on plastic Easter eggs
Draw on plastic Easter eggs

More fun Creative Challenge Ideas from a few of my friends:

Buy supplies for your Drawing Art Easter Eggs

I bought my craft eggs at Walmart. You can also get these craft eggs from Amazon. This is the package I purchased:

Craft Eggs - buy your own DIY craft eggs
Craft Eggs – buy your own DIY craft eggs


make your own drawing art Easter Eggs - tutorial by Jen Goode
make your own drawing art Easter Eggs – tutorial by Jen Goode
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