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Favorite Tool: The New Xyron Creative Station

Written by: | Published: December 03, 2015 | Updated: December 19, 2015

When you like to make paper crafts, you need plenty of glue or tape. Some projects are really tedious to apply glue to and tape just won’t do. So what’s a girl to do? (or crafty guy too). Xyron to the rescue! I’ve been of the Xyron Creative Station for years. I purchased my first adhesive machine probably 8 years ago or and then a few years ago I was part of the Xyron Design team. Now, I’m just a girl that loves her crafty tools and this is one of my favs and now the Xyron Creative Station has been redesigned. Xyron was kind enough to send me a new machine to try, now I’m here to tell you all about it.

New Xyron Adhesive Machine
New Xyron Adhesive Machine


Xyron Creative Station

10 Reasons you’ll love the new Xyron Creative Station

I use my Xyron machine for so many different projects. Whether I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for glue to dry or when I have detailed projects cut on my Cricut… the Xyron Creative station is a handy dandy tool I’m happy to have in my studio!

  1. Same machine, new, improved design – This is the same handy dandy machine that applies an instant stick, no need to dry, adhesive to an entire paper piece.
  2. Only one machine needed – The previous Xyron machines only allowed for one cartridge size. So you needed multiple machines for different sizes unless you wanted to waste adhesive. Now, this new machine is built to accommodate both the large and small sized cartridges.
  3. Same cartridges – the new machine, although it’s redesigned, you can use the same cartridges you have for your current machine. This is especially awesome.. I once found a bunch of new cartridges at the thrift store – glad I can still use the older cartridge size!
  4. More than Stickers – just like the precious machine, you can apply adhesive, cold laminate and turn paper into magnets with this creative tool. Choose what you want to make, place the appropriate cartridge and you’re good to go!
  5. Light weight – This machine doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s light weight. It’s lighter than my original machine. At first I thought it might feel a bit flimsy – but since I’ve been using it, I appreciate less bulk.
  6. Less counter space – because one machine works with multiple cartridge sizes, you only need one machine… saving you craft work space for more crafting and less tool storing.
  7. Sleek new look – New look is elegant and modern. I love the brushed metallic look… it’s plastic but it looks nice.
  8. No dry adhesive – because the adhesive is sticky film, there is no dry time. No more waiting for glue to dry! The permanent adhesive is strong and quick to grab. There’s also a re-positionable adhesive available.. I never use it – when I stick something, it’s there to stay!
  9. No Assembly required – the Xyron Creative Station is ready to use. Just place a cartridge and get ready to create something fantastic.
  10. Great for kids crafts too – The Xyron is each to use. My 8 year old can use it too! There’s a little sliding blade, like a mini paper cutter, to allow you to easily cut the project from the machine – but other than that, this machine is safe to use with little hands too. No electricity, no dangerous blades or heaters.

Xyron Creative Station Features

Xyron - Use large cartridges
Xyron – Use large cartridges


Xyron - Use small cartridges
Xyron – Use small cartridges


Xyron - easy turn handle
Xyron – easy turn handle
Put paper or cardstock in, turn the hand and out comes sticky back, laminate or magnet backed pieces
Put paper or cardstock in, turn the hand and out comes sticky back, laminate or magnet backed pieces


Xyron - apply adhesive to make your own stickers
Xyron – apply adhesive to make your own stickers


Pretty new Xyron Creative Station
Pretty new Xyron Creative Station


Do you love it too? Get your own Xyron Creative Station!

How awesome is that? I think it’s gorgeous! I love my Xyron Creative Station. This new design is a beautiful addition to the craft room and I love that I don’t have to buy a whole bunch of new materials or equipment. New design, same classic tool we love!

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