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Pretty Food and Food Craft Ideas

Let's make some food crafts today! “Food Craft?” You might be asking. These are recipes that are fun to make, or just look like a fun project once they are finished. It's one thing to make a burrito that tastes delicious, but what about those food creations that are pretty to look at…almost to the point that you don't want to eat what you just made? THOSE are food crafts! I reached out to my blogging friends and asked them to share their own favorite pretty food and food craft ideas. Today I'm sharing some of those ideas. I hope something catches your eye and you find yourself in the kitchen having fun today!

Pretty Food and Food Crafts
Pretty Food and Food Crafts

Pretty Food and Food Craft Ideas

Here's just a sample of the food craft ideas I've run across lately. I love the ideas that kids can help with too. There are a ton of really beautiful plates out in the world, but making those dishes with the kids is where half the fun is!

My Own Personal Favorite Food Crafts

Here are some of the food craft recipes I've created. Anything I can draw on or feel like I've made it pretty and then can eat it.. that's a favorite food craft for me!

Even more pretty food and food crafts you can make

A lot of people have shared cupcake ideas and recipes… far too many to share in one day. So today I'm narrowing down these share to a variety of food craft ideas and I'll add more ideas as I collect them!

Do you have a favorite food craft recipe? I'd love to hear about it, leave a comment and share a link below!


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