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Orange Chicken Love with Panda Express

Written by: | Published: August 26, 2015 | Updated: December 02, 2015

Orange Chicken is back and we’re doing a happy dance! We are all about the deliciousness that is Panda Express. Orange chicken is the first thing they ask for. So when I told them I was heading to Panda Express to pick up some food for an article I was writing, everyone wanted to come help me pick out dinner for the day! Unfortunately for them, I left everyone home except my daughter and she got to sample her food before we headed back home.  You can imagine how they reacted when I informed them that we needed to eat some orange chicken AND the Panda Express Food Truck was heading to town (food goes a long way toward happiness in this home).

Inside info: go check out the Panda Express Food Truck Tour Schedule – you don’t want to miss it!


Thank you to Panda Express for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Orange Chicken!
Panda Express and #OrangeChickenLove
Panda Express and #OrangeChickenLove


The Panda Express Food Truck is heading around the country showing off their yummy Orange Chicken. They’ll be here in Denver on August 29th (that’s this Saturday!) with free servings of Orange Chicken and a a fun giveaway!.They will be tailgating and having a blast with football fans – ORANGE CRUSH all the way! You can head over to the #OrangeChickenLove website to see when they are coming to a town near you AND pick up some cool swag.


#OrangeChickenLove ready to serve
#OrangeChickenLove ready to serve


Are you new to Panda Express? A Little Bit about Panda Express

Panda Express, America’s favorite Chinese restaurant, is best known for its wide variety of original recipes including its famous Original Orange Chicken.

Inspired by flavors and culinary style of the Hunan Province in South Central China, Panda’s Original Orange Chicken is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, and wokked tossed with Panda’s secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. Panda’s very own Executive Chef Andy brought this entrée to life, popularizing it in America to quickly become Panda’s most beloved dish.



10 Reasons we Love you Panda Express! (and your orange chicken)

  1. Little bit sweet
  2. Little bit spicy
  3. Just enough crunch
  4. Perfect with a pile of combination fried rice
  5. Best egg rolls
  6. Scrumptious mixed veggies
  7. Fantastic customer service
  8. Great prices
  9. Convenient locations
  10. Super fun company – Obviously – from all this #OrangeChickenLove, how can they not be fun?
  11. (bonus) I love the Chicken logo for this campaign!


Can't talk mom, I'm eating orange chicken!
Can’t talk mom, I’m eating orange chicken!


My daughter didn’t want to wait until we got home to eat. The boys were actually out at sports practice so I was picking up food to bring home for dinner. We’re big fans of Chinese food and the orange chicken is a Classic Chinese Dish that’s always on our take home list. So, instead of making my daughter “starve” we sat down in the restaurant for a little bit so she could chow down – I think it was gone in about 3 minutes! While I waited, I decided I’d take some pictures to share with you. She was so busy eating, she couldn’t even pause for a photo smile, LOL! (above).


Join in on the Panda Express Food Truck Tour!

I know you’re hungry and want your own plate of Orange Chicken now don’t you?

Take a look… is the Panda Express Food Truck Tour coming to a town near you? CLICK HERE to find out!


Happiness is #OrangeChickenLove
Happiness is #OrangeChickenLove


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