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Make Your Own Hand Drawn Valentine Card

You don't have to be a professional artist, to be able to make your own Hand Drawn Valentine Card. You can draw simple designs to send that message of love. Add some details, a little sparkle and you'll create the best card your sweetie has received yet! My trick for adding a finshed look is layers of color. Instead of drawing a heart with one color, use coloring and drawing supplies that work well for laying colors and adding dimension to your drawing. Today's quick Valentine craft tutorial features a simple heart design you can make too!

Make your own hand-drawn Valentine Card
Make your own hand drawn Valentine Card

Make Your Own Hand Drawn Valentine Card

I like to use a combination of water-based markers and watercolor pencils in my art. You can use anything you'd like. Start with just a few colors to experiment with.  You can always go in and add more colors if you'd like.


  • Water-based markers
  • Watercolored pencils
  • Paint brush and water
  • Gelly Roll glitter pen


  1. Draw a heart with one marker color.
  2. Draw a second heart on top of the first, using a thinner line and a differ color marker.
  3. Color in the heart with colored pencils.
  4. Add some colored pencil coloring to the outer edge of the card.
  5. Using the paint brush, gently blend the colored pencil color inside the heart.
  6. Blend the border pencil color with the paint brush too.
  7. You can add extra color accents by running the paint brush over the marker area, then transfer that color to other areas of the card. I used this technique to add a little accent color to the inside of the heart. Note: Be careful notto over-wet the marker color so you don't accidentally bleed the color and make it smear.
  8. Allow the entire piece to dry. Then apply little sparkle accents using your glitter Gelly Roll pen.
Draw a heart with your marker
Draw a heart with your marker
Blend color using a paint brush or water pen
Blend color using a paint brush or water pen

No one to more fun with Quick Valentine's Day crafts. Today's sharing is a great combination of art and craft for grown-ups and kids.

Quick Valentine Craft Projects
Quick Valentine Craft Projects

Fun Quick Valentine's Day Crafts!

All this week I've been sharing quick Valentine's day craft projects along with my partners in crime, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts . Here are today's fabulous creations. There are a few other art projects here, I'm excited to try them. I hope you take a minute to check each one out, I'd love to hear what you're favorites are!


PLUS – here's a yummy Valentine's treat for you to try too…

Valentine's Muddy Buddies Snack
Valentine's Muddy Buddies Snack

Valentine's Muddy Buddies from The Country Chic Cottage


So that's it for this fabulously fun week filled with Quick Valentine's Craft ideas. I hope you've had fun reading all the tutorials. I'd love to hear about your favorites and the projects you make yourself! Please leave a comment below, stop by the 100 Directions Facebook page or tag me #jengoodeart to share your own fun creations.


Curious what my favorite supplies are? Check out the list here!

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