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Make a Mini Love Note with Your Cricut

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, right? I think so! So today I have a fun project for you using your Cricut Explore and a note kit I designed. The Mini Love Note kit is now available in Design Space, just in time to make create and give to someone special (maybe Mom?). This is a simple card featuring a hand-written “Love” and includes little heart confetti and a coordinating envelope. There's even an extra little card to put inside the greeting card with extra love from you.

Mini love note kit designed by Jen Goode for Cricut
Mini love note kit designed by Jen Goode for Cricut

I created the example card in a pretty, textured white cardstock, but you can use any kind of cardstock you'd like. I personally love the black and white look… but that's because I think you should add your own color. I also used a black pen, but you can use the pretty silver metallic pen that comes with your machine.

Make this Little Love Note with your Cricut


Supply Tips: I tend to use hot glue, but any paper adhesive should work just fine. You can also add your own bling if you pretty to get a little more fancy. Add glitter or buttons or whatever you'd like. Really, my first choice is to use Kraft paper and cardstock. I love the look of recycled cardboard. Maybe it's all that recycled crafting I did as a kid?


  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Click this link to make Mini Love Note project file in Design Space.
  3. Follow on screen instructions.

This is a really fast project to make with the Cricut. The machine does all the work for you. There are some basic steps you need to do, such as pick your cardstock color, place the cardstock on the mat and insert the mat into the machine. Other than that, you should be ready to go!

Make a little love note - a Cricut project designed by Jen Goode
Make a little love note – a Cricut project designed by Jen Goode


10 Reasons I know you want to make this Little Love Note:

  1. Mother's Day (or her birthday) is on it's way and you don't have a card yet.
  2. You want to show your kids how much you card by leaving a little love note in their lunch box.
  3. Your husband could use a cute surprise once in a while.
  4. Your BFF is oh so special and you don't always take the time to tell her so.
  5. It's RAK day and you want to tell someone they are special.
  6. You need a reminder that you are AH-SOME.
  7. You're looking for something new to make with your fantastic Cricut Explore.
  8. You love love notes.
  9. You don't need the card, but confetti is your fav.
  10. You like my art. Thank You, I like YOU.


Get out your Cricut machine
and make something fabulous!

Ready to get started? Head on over and check out the full Mini Love Note card kit project on Cricut Design Space. I'd love to hear how you like it! Leave a comment here or hop on over to my Facebook page and share a picture of your finished project.

Insider view (aka *Nerd Alert*) : I love watching the Cricut draw the designs I've created with the pen. I feel like I'm watching myself draw.. it's kind of surreal!

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16 thoughts on “Make a Mini Love Note with Your Cricut”

  1. I’m going to use my Cricut machine! I haven’t used it over 4 years but, want to start cutting objects again! Am interested in learning to do the settings! My sister has done them for me before, but I want to do them myself! She has a busy life & cant always come over to show me how to put the needle in! What happens now when I try to cut is the paper tears! Slow learner!

    • Hi! That’s a single word that I hand lettered, so it’s not a font. I’m hoping to design a font so you can make your own word art too.

    • This project created using a few different images available through the Cricut Design Space only. There is no tangible cartridge available. I’m sorry. Which Cricut machine are you using?
      You can find the entire project here: mini love note (affiliate link)

    • Hi Nancy, I’m sorry you’re having issues with the payment section. I’m not sure how to fix that, but I will ask Cricut and see what I can find out. You can also call the Cricut customer support – they would definitely have a better answer than I would. Let me know how that works out!

    • I also have a lot of trouble with that site, including freezing when I try to pay. I have found that if I buy a design first on my IPad, which goes through ITunes rather than Cricut, that it will recognize it as purchased on my computer and all works well. Hope this helps you. I tried the Cricut support and they weren’t able to help at all.

  2. This would make a fabulous thank you card. Any chance you could do the words “thank you” in your fabulous font? Pretty please????

  3. I love this! Made one as my first project on my Explore. Would love to have a font of your handwriting so that I could add God is… to a baptism card. Any thoughts?

    • Oh I’m so excited to hear you like this project Vickie! I would love of font of mine too… that’s a great idea, I need to make that happen. Thank you!


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