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Improve the water spray for your Slip-n-Slide

Here in Colorado, summer weather is going to end soon, but I imagine around the country other families use their slip-n-slides for much longer. So I thought I'd share this now instead of holding on to it until next summer. We have a new slip-n-slide this year so we were excited to set it up and play in the water. Our yard has quite a big hill and at first thought this sounds perfect. The idea is to slide, right, so you want a hill. However, we learned really quickly that the water all ends up at the bottom of the slide with nothing spraying at the top.

No worries, there's an easy fix. The water is all moving to the bottom because there is nothing forcing it to come out the holes at the top. So to solve this problem, we just need to create a stopper of sorts. Enter the handy-dandy clothes pin!

Slip-n-Slide water fun fix

  1. First you want to twist the water channel of the slip-n-slide. You might need to try different locations, but it worked best for me about 1/3 down the slide, 2/3 down the slide and again at the bottom.
  2. Once you have the channel twisted, add your clothes pin.
  3. Water should not be coming out of all the water channel holes.
  4. Enjoy your slide!

If you have a flat surface for your slide, try that before setting up on a hill. The flat surface will enable you to get a higher sprinkler effect – which will result (or should) in a super fun slide. Whatever works, right? Have fun with your slip-n-slide!


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