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HP Social Media Snapshots Free Photo Printing iPhone App

If you're looking for a super quick and easy way to print your favorite photos from your phone, I think you'll love the HP Social Media Snapshots app. This is another great free photo app I think you will love! Print photos from your iphone camera roll or connect to Instagram, Facebook or even Flickr to print your favorite shared moments. You can choose from a variety of borders and then print wirelessly from your phone straight to your printer (assuming your printer is wireless too).

Hp Social Media Snapshots App

When you first launch the app, you'll see this screen. Select where your photo is that you want to print. If you're like me, with a million photos on your phone's camera roll (ok, not a million, right now I have 6873), then loading from your phone's library will take a minute. Just give is a bit and you'll be able to view all the photos. OR, you can save your photos to a different, smaller album for quicker loading.

Hp Snapshots free iPhone photo printing app
Hp Snapshots free iPhone photo printing app


Next you can choose from a variety of fun polariod/instagram style frames. The app is designed to print square photos, I think that's perfect for DIY craft and gift projects that you want to include with a photo.

Select your template theme
Select your template theme


I always choose the Clean theme. I like the plain white borders so I can add my own little art pieces and doodle designs.

The print! Really, that's it, SO EASY, right?

Print your photos using the HP Snapshots iphone app
Print your photos using the HP Snapshots iphone app

When you are viewing the print screen, select your printer and the image size. Then click on print and you're set!

Download the app!

You can download the HP Social Media Snapshots iPhone app for free from the Apple App Store.

I used this app to create a personalized Father's Day card. We took a bunch of pictures, then quickly printed them out to use in a handmade card. You can find instructions for making this cute card at

Use the HP Snapshots app to print cute photos for handmade cards
Use the HP Snapshots app to print cute photos for handmade cards



Think of all the fun things you can make with your photos when it's this FAST to print your photos from your phone! I can't wait to hear what you create.


Curious what my favorite supplies are? Check out the list here!

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