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Gift Card Gift Ideas and Gas Savings at Safeway

Written by: | Published: August 08, 2013 | Updated: August 10, 2015

Oh yes, save on gas with gift cards while you give your creative gifts! Before I share some creative gift card gift ideas, let me tell you, right now, through Labor Day (2013), Safeway stores are offering 4x gas rewards points on purchases when you purchase gift cards. That’s a bonus for you and gifts for friends and family all in one lovely little purchase. Win Win hooRay!

There are a ton of gift cards to choose from  at Safeway including food, movies, books, games and a whole slew of other options. It’s super easy to find the right gift. You just select the gift cards you want from the Safeway gift card display, buy them along with your Safeway rewards card (so they can track your points) and voila! you’re all set. Note: the 4x gas rewards points is a limited offer, so don’t procrastinate. You could even start some of your Christmas shopping early and benefit now. ~hint hint

Great gift card gift ideas plus earn 4x gas rewards points at Safeway
Great gift card gift ideas plus earn 4x gas rewards points at Safeway

Creative Gift Giving with Gift Cards

I always love to give handmade gifts, but sometimes I just don’t know what kind of handmade item to give. So, a better idea, I think, is giving a gift card along with a little handmade something or other. Before you start telling me you prefer to give a more personal gift than gift cards, think of this example… what’s more personal than a gift card to your sister’s favorite restaurant especially when she doesn’t always take the time to treat herself? Short of ordering for her, you can’t give a more personal gift! Instead of guessing whether she’d really like some cool vase you just bought to put flowers in, make her a handmade card or a super cute gift card holder and include a gift card you picked up from Safeway. At the end of the day, you will have created something special your sister will truly enjoy and while you save yourself some gas cash.

Don’t forget to head to your local Safeway store to pick up your gift cards before this promotional offer ends. For more info check out:


10 Creative Gift Card Gift Ideas
10 Creative Gift Card Gift Ideas

10 Creative Gift Card Gift ideas:

Here are some ideas of things you can do to make your gift card giving a little more personal and creative:

  1. Sew a special fabric gift card holder with a strap that can later be used as a little purse.
  2. Make a duct tape wallet and put the gift card in it. Teens love the duct tape!
  3. Make a cute coupon book and include the gift card as one of the “coupons”.
  4. Create a word art collage of all your (sister’s) favorite music titles and include a gift card for iTunes. It’s an art piece and a music gift.
  5. Make popcorn box gift basket and include a gift card to the movies and another for dinner for a “movie night” gift.
  6. Decorate a book bag with your nephew’s name and include a gift card to a bookstore.
  7. Make a card out of magazine cutouts for all the cute new fashions and include a gift card to a favorite clothing store.
  8. Make your own gift card holder stockings and fill with tiny treats and a gift card.
  9. Put together a small gift basket or greeting card that looks like a tool box filled with tiny hardware essentials like nails, washers and a measuring tape that also includes a hardware store gift card.
  10. Make a suitcase shaped gift box and fill it with notes of advice and encouragement shaped like clothing and books and include a gift card for an all purpose venue like Amazon or Target as a gift for a new college student.

So get on out there and start giving your creative gifts and add a little extra something with a gift card to a merchant you know they’ll love!

Ohhhh, look at all this gift giving happiness just waiting for you! This is a picture of the gift card display at one of my local Safeway stores. I get the 3 pack of iTunes cards all the time. At $10 each, they make great “extra” little gifts for all kinds of occasions.

Gift card display at Safeway
Gift card display at Safeway

How do you like to give gift cards? I’d love to hear your ideas or your favorite gift card gift!

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of a promotion along with Safeway. I received a selection of gift cards in exchange for sharing information about the Safeway gas rewards and gift card promotion. The opinions shared are 100% my own.


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