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Recycled T-shirt Mustache Art Bag

Written by: | Published: July 30, 2013 | Updated: October 20, 2017

Moustache or Mustache, which do you prefer? Here’s a super quick and fun project for you… a DIY Mustache Art Bag. I’m not talking about a mustache bag to hold mustaches or mustaches that are art, or even a bag for art with mustaches (although it could be). But instead make a bag from an old t-shirt and decorate it with mustaches… in less than 30 minutes. Today’s project is another Craft Lightening creative moment. The goal is to share projects that take about 15 minutes or less, so gosh darnit, we’re busting out a bag in less than 15 minutes I tell ya! Now keep in mind, you might want to decorate your bag a bit more, that will take longer… that’s ok. You might not have a sewing machine, sewing by hand generally takes longer than by machine – unless you have skills like my great-grandma, then you’re sewing is lightening fast too and we all worship your talent!

Mustache recycled t-shirt bag by Jen Goode
Mustache recycled t-shirt bag by Jen Goode

The mustache craze is all up in the craft world business these days, it’s everywhere so why not get your creative juices flowing with some fun art ideas! So, I designed a stamp you can purchase that features, you guessed it, mustaches! This super cool Rollagraph (and design wheel) stamp from ClearSnap that you can create backgrounds or patterns and decorate all kinds of surfaces. Don’t forget the obvious… this is a GREAT DIY project for back-to-school too!

Make a mustache art bag
Make a mustache art bag

Materials you need:

  • T-shirt – the size of the shirt will directly affect the size of your final bag, keep this in mind.
  • Moustache Rollagraph by Jen Goode from ClearSnap (AKA Mustache design wheel)
  • Stamp Ink from ClearSnap – I used the new Surfacez, multi-surface ink from ClearSnap (awesome!)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Cardboard to place inside the shirt.
Mustache Rollagraph Design wheel by Jen Goode
Mustache Rollagraph Design wheel by Jen Goode

Instructions to make your own recycled t-shirt mustache art bag:

  1. Iron the shirt smooth if necessary. Place cardboard inside the shirt to prevent any ink leaking through to the other side.
  2. Create a stamped pattern using the Mustaches Rollagraph stamp and stamp ink on the outside of the shirt. Get as creative as you’d like. In this example I simply used a black ink on a tan/brown t-shirt to create a moustache background. Iron the stamped art to make sure the ink sets (this will vary depending on the ink you use).
  3. Turn the shirt inside out. Stitch the bottom of the shirt closed along the hem line. Apply a few rows of stitches to ensure the seam is strong.
  4. Cut off the sleeves along the seam.
  5. Fold the shirt in half, vertically. Cut a 1/2 of a U shape. The result will be the straps of your bag. Do NOT cut the top seam of the shirt (at the shoulders).
  6. Turn the right side out. Voila, you’re finished!
Create your stamp art on the t-shirt
Create your stamp art on the t-shirt


sew a tshirt bag
Sew the bottom hemline to create the bottom of your bag


Make the straps for the tshirt bag
Cut off the sleeves and neckline to make straps for your bag


Finished with your t-shirt bag
Voila! You’re now finished with your t-shirt bag

Go ahead, get crazy, grab an old t-shirt and see what fun bags you can make! You definitely need to pick up this moustache stamp to add fun art to your bag goodness and then send me a picture so I can jump with joy with you and your sharing!

If you like this Mustache stamp, check out the pair I designed – this is an image of a photo I posted to Instagram earlier this week. One stamp is the mustache, the other is ribbons you can use for any kind of proactive awareness campaign, pick your ink color and go!

ClearSnap Rollagraph Design Wheel Stamps designed by Jen Goode
ClearSnap Rollagraph Design Wheel Stamps designed by Jen Goode

I have to confess, when I started this project, I was just going to decorate a t-shirt. I loved the mustache look so much that I thought I would add glitter on top of the black in and I ruined the whole look. So, I started over. The point… it’s ok to mess it up and create a whole new plan and with the multi-surface ink, you can create on just about any surface/material you want. So, if you’re nervous… start small, be prepared with a plan B and Go Get Creative!!

Where to buy this Moustache (mustache) design wheel stamp:

  • Office Super Savers
  • Buy Online Now
  • Ebay via Kelly’s Scrapbook

Don’t forget, you will need the stamp wheel handle too (Rollagraph), if you don’t have one already.

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Special thanks to 30 Minute Crafts and The Country Chic Cottage for the creative inspiration today!

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