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Funny Crafts to Make You Laugh

Crafts that make you laugh can be some of the most fun to make. The ideas behind these projects will have you giggling while you glue. You don't have to make crafts that are all serious decor and special gifts all the time. Sometimes just making something silly fun is the most fabulous! Some of my favorite online pals have shared these funny craft ideas.

Funny Crafts to Make
Funny Crafts to Make

Funny Crafts to Make


Make your own Fake Spilled Coffee
Make your own Fake Spilled Coffee designed by Red Ted Art

I am pretty sure I would freak out if I saw this scene on my desk. This spilled coffee craft makes a GREAT prank!


Google-eyed headband
Google-eye headband designed by Totally The Bomb

All eyes on you… or your kid's head anyway. This is such a cute google-eye headband idea and your little ones can even help make it!

Fun Crocheted Bobble Beard
Fun Crocheted Bobble Beard designed by Ashlee Marie

Every time I see this photo it makes me giggle. I love the crochet bobble beard, what a super fun way to stay warm! If only I could crochet…


Tattle Monster Kids Craft
Tattle Monster Kids Craft designed by Giggles Galore

These tattle monsters are so much fun! Use recycled materials and grab the kids to create an entire army of these silly guys.

All of these projects would make great pranks or goofy joke crafts too!
April Fool's day is April 1st. Traditionally we don't do much pranking in our house… not any more anyway. My husband used to come up with elaborate stories and send letters to his entire family. He stopped after one of his pranks resulted in a barrage of nasty replies – no one liked the idea that he was leaving the country to go play minor league hockey… leaving his newborn and almost wife behind.

More Silly Fun:


I'd love to hear about your favorite funny crafts and pranks you like to play!


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    • Thank YOU for making such an adorable project and sharing the idea. I really want to learn to crochet just so I can try this project! <3


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