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Protecting the Mom Scissors

Written by: | Published: November 06, 2013 | Updated: July 11, 2014

I have a collection of scissors. Seems like I have a million different pairs for a million different reasons, yet when I need MY scissors, I can never find them. My kids take the super fantastic sewing scissors and cut their ooey gooey gluey creations… I just don’t want to use them on fabric anymore. So I buy new scissors. This is a repeat experience I’ve gone through for years. I’ve tried buying scissors that are a different color or adding a little cute tape loop or something. Well.. last night, as I was oogling over my newest pair of super duper fabulously great Fiskars sewing scissors I decided enough was enough.

So I pulled out the Sharpie and started writing.

Protecting Moms Good Scissors - write on them
Protecting Moms Good Scissors – write on them

Aren’t these the bestest shiney new scissors you ever did see???

At first I thought it would be a good idea just to write Mom’s only. Then I remembered these scissors came with a cool blade case, so I wrote on there too…

If you are not Mom Do NOT touch!

(which my husband thought was entertaining to make fun of later when I asked him to hold them to read what I wrote… “I can’t hold them, I’m not mom” – snarky).

Dear kids - a message on mom's scissors
Dear kids – a message on mom’s scissors

Then, I’ll admit, I got carried away. I liked how the black ink looked on the orange. I love covering things in doodles… so I just kept going. I figured I should draw something, so I drew MOM on the inside handle and then realized while using them the ink would eventually wear off, so I took it off with nail polish remover – who says you can’t erase permanent ink? But I’m really most proud of myself for being able to fit an enter life threatening message on a single handle, and it’s legible. I’m easily entertained.

Here’s what I wrote…

I know these look awesome.. But there are at least 9 other pairs of scissors that will not result in a CRAZY woman running after you with scissors. Find one of them! Love mom

I tried to take a panoramic picture of the whole message… that is not how panoramic works apparently.

I shared this photo on Instagram last night and have received some really great ideas of how else to protect scissors from the rest of the family. I’m going to see how this goes and I’ll let you know.

My Instagram photo of my favorite Fiskars scissors
My Instagram photo of my favorite Fiskars scissors


Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to share. Usually if I need a supply or tool all to myself, I just get a second set for the kids to use how they like. Scissors seem to be exempt from the rules with the kids. I’m positive there is a scissor stash somewhere out there along with all those missing socks (maybe that’s how sock puppets are born?)!

What do you do to keep your tools and supplies safe from the family?

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4 thoughts on “Protecting the Mom Scissors”

  1. Hope it is okay if I post a link to this on the Fiskateer page-they will all love it. Protecting our scissors is a frequent topic of discussion!

  2. When I was a kid my mom would never let me use the pinking shears. I wanted to soooooooo badly! I wanted to make zigzaggys on all my papers!! I told her when I got a job I was getting my own pair. And years later I remembered this threat and made good on it. But somehow they’re just not the same. I wanted MOM’s scissors…

    • haha J! I completely understand. I remember trying to cut my own hair with pinking shears… I thought I would get that same blended look the hairdresser could do by making angled cuts.


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