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DIY Fridge Photo Frames

Today's project is part of a fun Cricut Challenge call Cricut Design Space Star AND YOU could be entered for a chance to win your own Cricut Explore cutting machine. Keep reading to get the whole scoop.

Cricut Design Space Star

I have a million photos, on my computer. I rarely print them or display them. Makes me wonder why I force my kids to smile at me all the time if I'm just going to horde the images to myself. So I decided it's time to pull the photos out and show them off. My kids might be tired of looking at me, working at home all the time. But I love looking at them, especially when they are smiling…

Magnetic Fridge Frames design by Jen Goode
Magnetic Fridge Frames design by Jen Goode

The kitchen is the central hub for all activity in our home. Plus I spend most of my days works in the kitchen. So, the refrigerator is the perfect place to post our favorite photos. So, fridge frames are the first choice for our family photo gallery. I decided to make my own fridge frames – of course, right?

Once I got started, I ended up creating little word art magnets too. I think it would be realllly fun to make some of word poetry magnets too!

Fridge photo frames on my refridgerator
Fridge photo frames on my refridgerator

That's the most uncluttered my fridge has been in YEARS. Don't worry, it won't last long. Usually the fridge is covered in pictures and notes and reminders. I'd like to make more of these frames and then maybe some custom decorative magnets to make all that family busy-ness look nicer all the time.

My Fridge frames all cut out and ready to use
My Fridge frames all cut out and ready to useMy Fridge frames all cut out and ready to use

These fun paper frames feature both cut out shapes and hand drawn style doodles. What I really love is the black in on white, but the frames could be created on any kind of paper or cardstock. I prefer the white because then the photos become the feature.

Photo Frames designed by Jen Goode
Photo Frames designed by Jen Goode

This entire project was created on my Cricut machine. I created art and frame designs using Adobe Illustrator and then uploaded my finished design file to the Cricut Design Space. I love the idea of being able to swap out pictures as we take new favorites and magnet frames make that process really easy. These frames are easy to rearrange and the photos don't need to be attached to the fridge or the frame, they just stay up with the magnets. Best of all, because I made these frames with my Cricut machine, I can make more to match if I'd like.

Drawing love with the Cricut Explore
Drawing love with the Cricut Explore

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how I created word art magnets to coordinate with these fridge photo frames using my Cricut Explore…


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