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Crafts to Make with Tape

Written by: | Published: March 02, 2015 | Updated: March 02, 2015

Crafting with tape is so much fun! It can be super simple or very complex and there are a ton of designs to choose from. Most people think of tape crafting as using either duct tape or washi tape.You can also use tape to create designs and then Paint. Crafting with tape can cover all kinds of project ideas from gifts and cards to home decor.

Crafts to Make with Tape
Crafts to Make with Tape

A Little About Crafting with Tape
Duct tape is more of a weather resistant, sturdy plastic like tape. Washi tape is more of a paper tape. Both tapes work well for a whole array of craft projects, I love them both!

Washi tape works well with most all scissors. However, duct tape works better with a non-stick titanium type scissor, unless you want to spend some of your crafting time de-gooping your scissors. It’s doable, but a pain in the behind and time consuming. (use goo-gone if you have sticky scissors.)

For your tape crafting inspiration, here are some ideas to try… Some are super simple and some are quite involved. I dare you to try crafting with some tape today!

Crafts to Make with Tape


Washi Tape Bookmarks
Washi Tape Bookmarks

I love these little paper clip and washi tape bookmarks from Organize & Decorate Everything. Besides just bookmarks, these would mark great place holders, handmade card accents and binder flags.

Chalk Paint Chevron Table created with Frog Tape
Chalk Paint Chevron Table created with Frog Tape

I love how this Chevron Tape Table turned out using Frog Tape to create a pretty chevron design. The tape already comes cut in a chevron, you just place the tape and then paint. Check out the full tutorial on 365 Days of Crafts.

Duck Tape Bookmarks
Duck Tape Bookmarks

Make super fun duct tape bookmarks for the kids or with the kids. This is a great afternoon activity from Becoming Martha

I personally love crafting with all kinds of tape. My kids get all giddy when they see a new roll of duct tape! However, I think some of the prettiest projects I’ve seen made with tape usually use washi tape. The designs and colors available in washi tape range from elegant and beautiful to bright and bold. I’m really fond of the pretty decor projects I’ve seen people create with washi tape. Take a look at some of the projects I found digging for inspiration on pinterest.

Washi Tape Decorated Candle Votiives
Washi Tape Decorated Candle Votiives

Use washi tape to make plain glass candle votives pretty and personal. This tutorial is from iSpy DIY.

Duct tape doll dress and hat
Duct tape doll dress and hat

I’ve created wearable accessories with duck tape. Check out my American Girl doll duct tape dress and hat – full tutorial over at Doll Diaries. I also made a matching Hello Kitty duct tape hat that fit my daughter. You can check out that tutorial right here at

Washi Tape decorated keyboard
Washi Tape decorated keyboard

Brit + Co has 8 great washi tape projects to make to decorate your workspace. I absolutely LOVE this washi tape decorated keywboard, I wish I had the patience to take the time to make it!

One of the biggest benefits of duct tape, over all other tapes to craft with, is it’s ability to withstand all kinds of use and abuse. I’ve used it outside and in the garden. I’ve used duct tape tp label my kids clothes for camp and the tape made it through the wash. People have so much fun making creative crafts with duct tape my friend Amanda Formoro wrote a book full of idea! Check out Duct Tape Mania by Amanda Formoro

Duct Tape Mania - book about crafting with duct tape
Duct Tape Mania – book about crafting with duct tape

More inspiration for crafts to make tape

100 Ways to Washi (100 uses for washi tape)

Use duct tape to label your kids stuff and Personalize kids stuff with duct tape (we love duct tape in my house!)

Make mini garden label flag with Duct Tape

More info about crafting with tape:

There are a few brands of duct tape to choose from. Both Scotch Brand and Duck Brand have multiple sizes and patterns to choose from Duck Brand even has scented duct tape!

Washi tape usually comes in a 1/2″ width but a huge variety of patterns. The beauty of crafting with tape is that the adhesive is already part of the craft material. So all you need to do is decide what you want to make or stick the design to and you’re ready to go.

What are you waiting for? Go grab some tape and get crafting!

Crafts to Make with Tape
Crafts to Make with Tape


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