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Duck Brand Duct tape sun hat tutorial

Written by: | Published: October 02, 2011 | Updated: April 27, 2015

Yes, you read that right, make a hat out of duct tape, it’s too cute! There are so many cute colors and patterns of duct tape available. You can mix and match or make something in a solid color. I used a set of pink that I received as part of a Designer Challenge. See below for a Westcott Brand® cutting tool giveaway bundle.

Matching child/doll Duct Tape sun hats
Matching child/doll Hello Kitty duct tape sun hats

Note: You’ll want to make sure to measure and leave extra room in the crown of the hat so that it fits correctly. Adding layers of duct tape to a precisely measured piece without extra room can result in the hat being too small.

Materials you need:

  • 1 roll Hello Kitty The Duck Brand® Patterned Duct Tape Rolls
  • 1 roll hot pink The Duck Brand® Duct Tape
  • Wax paper
  • Westcott Brand® Titanium Bonded Non Stick Scissors

Tip: You can use a material other than wax paper if you’d like. I found that wax paper allows for moving the tape around, preventing wrinkles and over sticking. If I made a mistake, I could easily remove the tape and try again.

How to make a Duct Tape sun hat:

How to make a duct tape sun hat
How to make a duct tape sun hat
more steps to making a Duct tape sun hat
more steps to making a duct tape sun hat
  1. Start by first measuring the circumference of the head that is going to be wearing the hat. This is the crown measurement. Next over a large square of wax paper with duct tape.
  2. Cut it into a circle. Cut a hole in the middle that is 1-2″ bigger than measured hat size. Set this smaller circle aside for later use.
  3. Create another sheet of wax paper and duct tape that is 1″ longer than the measured hat size and 3 strips of tape tall. Tape the ends to together creating a cylinder, overlapping by 1/2″.
  4. Using smaller pieces of tape, join the tube and base of the hat on the inside. Fold/gather the base piece periodically, this will create more of a ruffle effect on the brim of the hat. Once the entire brim is attached to the top from the inside of the hat, tape the outer edge using small pieces of tape, approximately 3-4″ long.
  5. Finish the top of the hat. Measure to make sure the hat is not too tall. If the hat is too tall, you can tuck extra height into the top.
  6. Using the smaller circle you saved earlier, tape to the top of the cylinder along the outside edge by folding the cylinder under the circle. You will need to fold the edges as you tape to create more of a rounded look.
  7. If the crown is still to square in shape, add more creases and tape in place.
  8. You should end up with a rounded crown.
  9.  Finish the hat by covering the inside of the crown of the hat so no wax paper is showing.
  10. Add extra details using tape such as a flower, a hat band, etc.
Hello Kitty Duct Tape sun hat by Jen Goode
Hello Kitty Duct Tape sun hat by Jen Goode

How to make a duct tape flower:

How to make a Duct Tape flower
How to make a duct tape flower
  1. Make a 3″ square of duct tape, tape on both sides so there is no sticky side.
  2. Cut into a circle.
  3. Repeat to make a 2″ circle.
  4. Cut a small hole in the center of the larger circle.
  5. Pinch the center of the small circle to create a cone shape.
  6. push the point of the small piece through the hole of the large circle. Pinch to create a cone with the circle layers.
  7. Apply a tape around the pointed end of the cone to hold in place.
  8. Optional: Make a 4″ circle and repeat the steps to create a 3rd layer to your flower.

Tip: For a more detailed looked, cut a scalloped edged around the circles.If you’d like to learn how to make the doll dress, visit for my full duct tape doll dress tutorial! 

Disclaimer: Although the supplies in this project were given to me, all opinions are 100% my own.

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13 thoughts on “Duck Brand Duct tape sun hat tutorial”

  1. This is such a cute outfit for the dolls. What a fun project to have a group of girlscouts make with younger daisy scouts. I also love the little flower. I want to make the flowers in red for Christmas (maybe there is even a plaid duct tape out there?) to decorate a Christmas tree at work. Great ideas!

  2. Oh I never thought of a hat before, I’d try that and love Kendra’s duct tape wallet, too cute!

  3. The dress and hat are mad of duct tape?? So cool!! I would make the dress and hat…love that the adhesive from the tape won’t stick to the scissors! Love the stained glass box.

  4. I would make doll clothes for my 5 nieces for Christmas! As well I would love to make the matching hat sets which I love best! I would also like to try to make doll accessories such as hairbands, purses and shoes!

  5. I love your project the matching hats are so cute and the dress. Definitely a favorite. I would let my my dd, 13 use the scissors. She makes wonderful duck tape projects. I would keep the cutting tools to use for scrapbooking and cards. I’d like to see a review of the cutter.

  6. I would make some crafts with my grandsons, and I love the hats you made. Making the flowers is a good craft idea too!

  7. this is so cute – I realy loved the hat – I would like to give it a try!!! I noticed on the picture the doll has a dress made out of duck tape too? I see Hello Kitty on the dress top. great job/idea.

  8. I love the hat idea!! I would love to try to make it. try being the word haha. as a day care teacher, these ideas rock and give me some inspiration! now….to find hello kitty duct tape!!! I also love the purse! so cute!!

  9. I think I would try to make a matching purse and wallet. The hat is just adorable. I guess I would choose it as the one I like best.

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