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Corned Beef Sliders

Oh how I love corned beef sandwiches! So every March when I see all those packages of corned beef at the grocery store, I usually pick up at least 2 so I have an extra in the freezer. Corned beef sandwiches are on the top of the list, but this Corned Beef sliders recipe is scrumptious! It's a quick and easy recipe you can make for your St. Patrick's Day party menu. If you love corned beef, I think you'll love this flavor combo too!

Corned beef sliders
Corned beef sliders

You could go with a classic meat and bread sandwich. Add in some condiments and maybe your favorite sandwich toppings like lettuce and you're good to go.

However, you could try this fun combo I created for an extra delicious and flavorful treat.


  • Corned Beef – cooked and cooled
  • Coleslaw
  • Special sauce – 1/2 BBQ sauce 1/2 mustard
  • Great roll of bread


Really you can stack your sandwich fixings however you'd like. But for sake of conversation, this is what I did…

  1. Slice the roll in half.
  2. Add 3-5 slices of corned beef. Slice the meat however thick you'd like, I prefer a relatively thing sandwich slice.
  3. Spread some sauce on the meat.
  4. Top with a generous spoon of coleslaw.


Make delicious corned beef slider sandwiches
Make delicious corned beef slider sandwiches


Corned beef sliders and coleslaw
Corned beef sliders and coleslaw

Curious what my favorite supplies are? Check out the list here!

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