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Ahoy Mateys! Pirate Printables

You can act like a pirate or play like a pirate, either way, get ready to get crafty like a pirate. Dig out the scissors and the string and make your own pirate eye patch with this fun set of pirate printables. September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day, so why not dress like one too? Or at least dress up one eye.

Pirate printables by Jen Goode
Pirate printables by Jen Goode

This fun pirate printable comes with 1 large eye patch and 2 smaller eye patches (for your little friends). There's also 2 versions of the eye patch, 1 with a pirate skull and cross bones and one without. Your kids can play pirate and even bring their stuffie friends or 18″ doll – Arrrr! Pirate fun everywhere.

Pirate Printables

You can use these pirate printables for make-believe play costumes, pirate themed birthday parties, Halloween costumes or whatever activity you'd like. The smaller eye patches are great for boys and girls to dress up their toy friends with a pirate eye patch too! Decorate a room with the printable pirate flag for more pirate fun!

Pirate eye patch printables by Jen Goode
Pirate eye patch printables by Jen Goode

To make a pirate eye patch:

  1. Download the printable pirate eye patch file and print.
  2. Cut out the eyepatch shape.
  3. Punch a hole at each of the top corners of the eye patch.
  4. Cut a string long enough to tie around your hear, add 6″ and cut in half. Tie one a string through each hole of the eye patch.
  5. Tie around your head and start talking like a pirate!
Printable pirate flag by Jen Goode
Printable pirate flag by Jen Goode

Ideas to make a pirate flag:

You can hang the pirate flag a number of different ways. Now matter how you want to display the flag, start by downloading the printable pirate flag file and print.

Cut out the flag shape. Choose one of the options below to display your flag however you'd like.

  1. Tape the flag to the wall or window.
  2. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of the left side of the flag. tie strings through the holes and attach strings to whatever material you want to hang it from.
  3. Print out multiple flags and create a banner by attaching the flags to a string and hang across a play area or fence.
  4. Tape the left side of the flag to a stick or dowel to use as a handheld flag.
  5. You can even print the flag (in reverse) on a printable iron on transfer and make a fabric flag if you'd like.

About the wrinkles… Note: Each pirate printable also has a wrinkled kind of texture to add a bit of an “old and worn” look. Don't worry, you're printer isn't broken, the wrinkles are meant to be there!

Wrinkles designed into the Pirate Printables
Wrinkles designed into the Pirate Printables
download this art by Jen Goode

Download the pirate flag

Download the pirate eye patch with crossbones

Download the pirate eye patch without crossbones

ARRRggg! Have fun mateys!

Jen is Passionate about Creativity. She is the owner and "doodle in charge" of JGoode Designs, a Denver based design studio. She is an illustrator, mixed media artist and creative lifestyle blogger. Jen has been a creative professional since 1998 but says she's been an artist since she was old enough to eat glue.

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