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Review: Yahtzee with Buddies is Fun with Friends

Written by: | Published: April 22, 2018 | Updated: June 21, 2023

Take a break and play for a minute! Yahtzee with Buddies is fun with friends! This is Yahtzee on the go, an app version of the classic game that you can take with you anywhere and play any time. This is a fun game with friends…  make new friends, play with Facebook friends or play solo. I forgot how much I loved playing Yahtzee until I started playing this game!

I’ve partnered with BSM Media and Scopely,  the app creator of Yahtzee With Buddies to share this fun game review with you.

Play Yahtzee with Buddies
Play Yahtzee with Buddies

Review: Yahtzee with Buddies is Fun with Friends

I don’t play a ton of online games but Yahtzee is one of my faves. It’s quick and easy once you get the hang of how to play and with the app there’s a ton of different ways to play. I’ve been playing for a couple days now and I still have tried all the mini-games this app includes. Even if you’ve never played Yahtzee, this is a quick game to pick up and loads of fun, right in the palm of your hand!

Play Yahtzee with Buddies
Play Yahtzee with Buddies

Get the game – I’ll play a round with you! Download Yahtzee with Buddies here


Here’s what you’ll love about Yahtzee with Buddies

Free to download and play – you can enjoy many of the features, completely free. There are opportunities to buy extras, but just playing with your friends will cost you nothing… except some of your fun friend time.

Treat yourself to extras – If you like to treat yourself once in a while, this game has fun you can buy. I prefer to play and earn my bonuses… that’s the challenge for me. I like sticking to that budget of “no more extra dice”. However, if you would rather play without limits, you can buy extra dice which gives you extra playtime. There are tons of custom dice you can get your hands on too.

Easy to play and play and play – There are a ton of different ways you can play Yahtzee with buddies. When I first signed up, I ended up starting a bazillion games. Maybe more like 12… but with the active game view scrolling sideways, it seems like a bazillion. Starting games is easy and so far, I don’t know there is a game limit. You can play with friends, play with other players in the community, play against the virtual players/masters and even play against yourself. There are also a variety of mini-challenges and games that you can play to earn more rewards and bonuses.


Yahtzee with Buddies - so many fun playing options
Yahtzee with Buddies – so many fun playing options

Play Yahtzee with YOUR friends… Download Yahtzee with Buddies here

Spend time with friends – You can connect with the community of players already in the game. Connect your app account with Facebook and you’ll be able to play with your Facebook friends that also have the game. There’s a chat system in the app so you can enjoy playing and chatting with your friends too.

Plenty of game playing challenges – in additional to traditional Yahtzee play, there are other activities in the game. From the variety of matches set up to extra mini-games and virtual scratch cards, you won’t get bored with the new Yahtzee app.

Team play – This one I am just starting to figure out. So far I’ve learned, you can create a virtual “team” to join together to earn rewards based on the efforts of the entire group.  There are daily challenges and weekly challenges. What I don’t know if is anyone knows they are in your team, or you put your team together with whatever strategy to try to earn rewards from their play time. I’ll let you know.

Yahtzee with Buddies - tournament play
Yahtzee with Buddies – tournament play

Earn all the rewards – You can earn all kinds of in-game rewards playing Yahtzee with buddies. Earn playing the games, rolling specific sets (like Yahtzee, full house, etc.) and of course earn rewards for winning. You can also play mini-games and earn special dice sets, pets and frames. I haven’t figured out what pets do yet. Frames are the decoration around your player avatar to show what level you are.

Play anywhere, anytime – because this game is an app on your phone, it’s easy to take with you. Play with friends any time you’d like and from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Cute Characters to play and win – who knew dice could be so fun? The Yahtzee design team has definitely worked overtime to come up with all the create characters for this game. Everything in the game is designed about a set of dice. There are different collectible sets you can earn and more sets you can play to win. Right now, my favorite is brand new today.. a little fun fruit set called Spring Bounty. This is one of the Masters Showcase games and I already won pair of cherries.  – You “win” these extras by playing them. So I played a Yahtzee game against the Pairries (a pair of cherries character) and I won the game, so I won a Pairries from the Spring Bounty mini-game.

Play Yahtzee with Buddies
Play Yahtzee with Buddies

I forgot how much I loved to play this game. The key, in my opinion, is to play your low scoring sets with anything that is not a 5 or 6. Sometimes this strategy works for me, but now I can test it out. I had my husband sign up so now we have two games going at the same time – as of this moment, we’re each winning one. We’ll see how long that lasts…

My favorite features – I love the “play on your own” games. I do enjoy playing with other real live people and especially people I know. However, when no one else is online and I want to try my hand at rolling some good sets, I can play a full game. Look under “events” and you can find Showdowns. Sometimes there are free showdowns and sometimes they cost fee. Or, you can challenge yourself by playing against yourself. From the “lobby” (or home screen) you can click on New Game and one of the choices is “local pass”.. that’s you against “player 2”. Sometimes I’m amazed at how great my hand is vs my other me, LOL.

I’d love to play a game with you!  Download Yahtzee with Buddies here

Whether you want to play for just a few minutes or have an entire afternoon to fill with fun, you will definitely find fun friend entertainment with Yahtzee with Buddies. When you get your app loaded, come look for me, I’m The ArtGirl or Jen G. if we are Facebook buddies already.




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