Recycled t-shirt button skirt

I’m all about finding ways to turn old stuff into new. Lately I’ve been playing with a lot of Rit dye as well so when I came across a pile of old t-shirts from my oldest son, I decided to re-purpose them into something a little more girly for my daughter. Recycled t-shirt project #1 is a cute little button skirt complete with hand stitched swirls and brightly colored buttons. Because it’s an old t-shirt, it’s super soft and comfy but the new color and added embellishments make it a brand new favorite.

recycled t-shirt button skirt
Recycled t-shirt button skirt by Jen Goode
Steps for making a recycled t-shirt skirt
Steps for making a recycled t-shirt skirt

To make this skirt you need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Rit dye
  • Embroidery thread and needle
  • Buttons
  • Scissors

I created this project using buttons from Buttons Galore, you can find out how to make it by reading the tutorial for this other up-cycled t-shirt skirt I’ve made.

If you don’t have white t-shirts on hand for this project, you can use color remover (also a Rit product) to lighten the color of the fabric instead of bleach. Make sure to always use 100% cotton fabric when dying, otherwise you might not like the results of the dying process.

What kind of cool stuff can you make with an old t-shirt and some fun buttons?

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  1. Rexanne says

    This skirt is absolutely adorable! If my girls were still young, I’d buy it for them in a heart beat.

    Maybe time to mass produce and start some kind of business? LOL – Ah go for it, Jen. You know you can. 😉