Jewelry Craft Projects you Should Try

Jewelry Craft Projects You Should Try

There are so many beautiful styles of jewelry. You can use beads, glass, metal, wood, clay and even yarn or paper to create fun handmade pieces of jewelry. Give personal gifts to friends or create special jewelry for yourself. The options really are unlimited. You can create jewelry from just about anything, its only limited […]

Crafts to Make with Tape

Crafts to Make with Tape

Crafting with tape is so much fun! It can be super simple or very complex and there are a ton of designs to choose from. Most people think of tape crafting as using either duct tape or washi tape.You can also use tape to create designs and then Paint. Crafting with tape can cover all kinds […]

31 Reasons for Crafting Happiness

31 reasons for Crafting Happiness

Crafting Happiness, what’s that supposed to mean? Creating happiness, planning happiness… or happy to craft.. what are you saying Jen??! Today it’s the happiness of crafting, or creating happiness because you’re crafting. Before you moan in agony or tell me you’re not creative at all, or you don’t like crafting, just hold on. HOLD ON! […]

Replay a Free Video editor app for Iphone

Replay a free video editing app for iPhone

I’ve just found Replay, a Video editing app for iphone that is a dream to use! I’m always looking for more ways to express a little creativity and things to create. However, I don’t always ave time for the learning curve. Making even a quick little video, figuring out the software and dealing with all the extras like […]

Shamrock Cake Mix Cookies

Shamrock Cake Mix Cookies

Using super easy cake mix cookies, you can make your own yummy Shamrock cake mix cookies for St. Patrick’s day! This is the same idea as my Spring Cake mix cookies. Instead of making butterflies with heart shaped cookie cutters, you’ll be making shamrocks. It’s like making art with your cookie dough! You can also create these […]

DIY Pretty Colored Hanging Pendant Light

DIY Pendant Light glowing at night

Today I’m sharing how I made this DIY Pretty Colored Hanging Pendant Light. I used Purple, pink, and lavender to match my daughter’s bedroom decor. You, however can pick any color you like, this is a really versatile project you can make in just under an hour. PLUS I’ve entered this project in a contest […]

Rainbow Fingernails Nail Art


Everything is more fun with pretty painted Rainbow fingernails Nail Art. Sometimes we get creative to celebrate something fun. Every day is a reason to celebrate something, right? We do a lot of creative celebrating, but in this case our rainbow fingernails were for a extra special occasion. When my daughter turned 7 we celebrated her birthday with a rainbow theme. I […]