Funny Crafts to Make You Laugh

Funny Crafts to Make

Crafts that make you laugh can be some of the most fun to make. The ideas behind these projects will have you giggling while you glue. You don’t have to make crafts that are all serious decor and special gifts all the time. Sometimes just making something silly fun is the most fabulous! Some of […]

Egg and Veggies Superfood Breakfast

Breakfast of eggs and veggies - a superfood meal!

Super yummy and Super good for you can absolutely go hand-in-hand, especially for breakfast. Lately we’ve been trying to get more protein into our diet. Breakfast seems to be the one meal of the day that is the hardest for us to get protein included. We’re usually short on time, cereal is a great goto […]

Super Cute Easter Crafts

Cute Easter Crafts - project Ideas you will adore

It is so fun to make Easter crafts. There are so many great ideas for Super Cute Easter Crafts, you won’t be without ideas for long! Whether you like the adorable bunnies and chicks or prefer beautiful traditional Easter messages, there is always an abundance of creative inspiration. Do you love to make your own […]