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Making watercolor art with Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter Watercolor Art

Kids love to paint right? But have you tried making watercolor art with coffee filters? It’s not watercolor painting at all but it’s bright colors and beautiful blends. The kids will want to create art for hours! Instead of grabbing the watercolor paints, pick up a pack of water-based markers and some coffee filters and… Read More

Fun with DohVinci

DohVinci Is Artistic Clay for Kids

I love Dohvinci for so many reasons. From the makers of Playdoh, Dohvinci is a soft clay you can create into pretty masterpieces. The clay is a thick frosting like consistency that you squeeze through the special styler, an applicator my kids love to call the “squeezy thingy”. Because we’re very technical over here! My… Read More

Mixed bean chili

Delicious Mixed Bean Chili

  I love making chili all year long. It’s easy and relatively hands free. I love the idea of making chili from dried beans instead of dumping out a can… although during really busy times of the year I will buy canned beans too. You can mix bean types, add in whatever flavors you like… Read More

Digital Media Academy

Does Your Kid Love Digital Media?

This post is sponsored by USFamily Guide and Digital Media Academy. A week or so ago I wrote about Creativity for Kids at Digital Media Academy. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I love the programs they are offering. If it weren’t for digital media, I wouldn’t have the career I have today, so… Read More

Coupons for Mom - send a little love

Love for Mom Printable Coupon Book Gift

Give a little extra love to Mom with these Love for Mom printable coupons. You can download and print this paper gift set and then put it together however you’d like. Add a little sparkle, write in your own coupon gift ideas or leave it as is. You can even make a pretty little envelope to put… Read More

Make your own pan fried taco shells

Make Your Own Taco Shells

Do you make your own taco shells? I usually don’t. Actually, we’ve had an ongoing debate in our house about whether taco shells (store bought) are supposed to be cooked or not. My husband always says we should be toasting or baking the taco shells so they are crispy… my fabulous cooking skills tend to… Read More