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When creativity backfires

Written by: | Published: November 30, 2011 | Updated: August 10, 2015

I’ve had a couple project ideas in my head for a few weeks now. Today I was stumped for ideas so decided it would be a good day to try these random projects. I have envisioned how I would put things together, what I would do and what the out come would be. However, creativity in my head doesn’t always come out for the world to the same way I pictured it.

ottoman torn apart
ottoman torn apart

First project – horrid old ottoman to new shiny something or other.

We have a ratty old ottoman that’s been living in the basement with the kid toys for the last 8 years. It’s old, dirty, big, bulky and just plain useless. The wood frame I thought would be a great foundation for making a new ottoman or a nice coffee table. So for the last month the thing has been sitting in the garage. It’s become a painting table for spray paint projects and collected whatever other garage dust, so now it’s gross and useless. So today I thought I’d tackle it, tear it apart and get to work creating something new.

Apparently it was very well constructed because it has layers upon layers of fabric, stuffing, batting and 10 times more staples to hold it all together. I got about 1/2 through tearing it apart when I found I was inhaling more dust from every staple removal than I was making progress. So… tomorrow is trash day.. away it goes. Boo. Before you cry that I shouldn’t give up, the wood underneath was nothing I could use as an exposed piece. It was also old and scrappy looking so I’d have to recover the whole thing to make anything worthwhile. Bummer.

Project two – make your own string of lights tree.

I keep seeing these cool tree yard decor pieces. They are just frameworks of a tree shape and usually the cost starts at around $20. A string of lights is about $2.90 and I have a pile of scraps in the garage including a metal pipe, perfect for making such a fabulous tree. I figure a finished piece would cost me around $10, which is awesome in my budget book!

I went to work on the project today, spent about an hour putting the whole thing together. I even recycled an old lamp shade to use the wire ring as the foundation of the tree shape. I was so very proud of my brilliant creation… and then I turned it on. I have forgotten to check the string of lights, out of 3 full strings of lights, 1/2 of 2 strings were completely out. Really?? I was so bummed I didn’t bother to take a picture to show you, sorry! It really is a good idea and could work brilliantly if the lights all work, so I might try again and share the how-to later.

By the end of the day I was tired of being creative so I pulled the tree out of the yard, threw it back in the garage and sat my be-hind on the couch to sulk.

Not all amazing ideas turn out as great as they look in our heads… that’s ok… grab a snack instead!



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