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St Patrick’s day printable doll set

Written by: | Published: March 02, 2013 | Updated: February 20, 2023

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a fun craft for kids. This printable set is designed for 18″ dolls but works well with other characters too… even out Valentine’s piggy  (see below). The set includes a mini banner and a mini hat plug some small shamrocks you can use for the banner or other decor.

St. Patricks Day printable doll set by Jen Goode
St. Patricks Day printable doll set by Jen Goode

Make a Mini St. Patrick’s Day Banner


  • The St. Patrick’s Day banner printable – recommend printing on card stock or a thicker paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String or yarn


  1. Cut out the individual banner pieces, one for each letter and three of the shamrock circles.
  2. Cut a long piece of string or yarn.
  3. Tape the string to the back of each letter. You can also include shamrocks in your banner, alternating between letters. Or you can use the shamrocks to decorate somewhere else. Make sure you leave one shamrock for the hat.

Make a Mini St. Patrick’s Day Hat


St Patrick's day hat and banner by Jen Goode
St Patrick’s day hat and banner by Jen Goode

make a mini St. Patrick’s Day hat

  1. Cut out the hat section (green with black in the middle). Cut along black lines to create small cuts along the top and bottom.
  2. Fold the top and bottom as shown.
  3. Roll paper around your finger. This will help it curve into the hat shape easier.
  4. You should end up with a spiral paper when you remove it from your finger.
  5. Glue the ends together so you end up with a cylinder.
  6. Fold the top flaps in toward the middle. Fold the bottom flaps out.
  7. Cut out the big circle. Cut the center of the circle. To cut the center easily, carefully cut from the outside edge of the big circle and then remove the middle like a doughnut.
  8. Take a scrap of paper and glue to the underside of the “doughnut” ring where you made your cut.
  9. Place the ring over the top of the tube you created earlier and push down on top of the bottom flaps.
  10. Glue the bottom flaps to the underside of the ring.
  11. Cut out the small circle (or use the center of the ring if you prefer). Place it on top of the top flaps.
  12. Glue the flaps to the underside of the small circle and press firmly with your finger to make sure they are glued in place.
  13. Finally, cut out a shamrock and place it on the hat band.
  14. You can optionally add glitter or other pretty gems to dress up the hat however you’d like.
St. Patricks Day printable doll hat
St. Patricks Day printable doll hat
Making a St. Patrick's Day doll hat
Making a St. Patrick’s Day doll hat
Finishing the St. Patrick's Day doll hat
Finishing the St. Patrick’s Day doll hat

See, even our piggy can wear the hat!

St Patrick's day hat on a piggy
St Patrick’s day hat on a piggy

I have more St. Patrick’s Day printables for you to make more great green craft projects. Check out all the options at my printable store.

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3 thoughts on “St Patrick’s day printable doll set”

  1. This was adorable! I love to make things for my 11″ doll collection. If you click on my website you will see photos on March 5 of what I made and how I displayed it. I have this set up on a window seat in my bedroom. I love to sew for these dolls. Thanks so very much!


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