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Simple Ribbon Organizer DIY

I use ribbon in my creative projects all the time. I have a ton of different kinds of ribbon and I'm always looking for a way to organize it. Shopping for ribbon organizers usually results in some kind of rack with a rod or bar that goes through the center of the ribbon spool. However, for me, I don't like my ribbon “permanently” attached to the organizer. I like to hold the spool and measure out the ribbon I want to use without cutting it right away. So, being able to easily remove the ribbon spool is an important feature when I organize supplies.

In the past I have stored all my ribbon in a big plastic, under-bed, box. This works great, if you have the room to take the box out to find a single spool of ribbon. More of a pain in the long run. I've also stored all the spools in other box types, but when in a hurry, putting the ribbon away in it's nicely stacked rows isn't convenient. I know.. picky. But really you should organize and store your supplies in a way that compliments how you use them… right?

Ribbon organizing
Ribbon organizing with a repurposed shoe rack

When I saw this old shoe rack at the thrift store, I immediate saw – ahhhhhh – Ribbon Organizing Heaven!. Spools of different sizes sit nicely on the racks. I can remove ribbon spools as I need them and the rack itself is relatively small so fits nicely out of the way. At some point I will be refinishing the rack itself, maybe paint it white to blend into the rest of the white organizing cabinets I have in my craft space. This picture, if you look carefully, is the ribbon rack sitting at the edge of my kitchen… where it lived for a few weeks before I finally moved it to my studio.

Another little tip for you… use a rubber band around ribbon spools to hold the loose ends in place when you aren't using the ribbon.

How do you organize your ribbon?


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