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Personalized Printable School Signs

Time to get out the camera and hand the kids their school signs for school photo time! I have designed first day of school signs you can personalize, color and decorate however you like. This is a fun school craft the kids can create as they get ready for school to start. I also have created alternate versions of the signs so you can use them for other events throughout the school year.

first day of school sign - printable you can personalize

Printable School Signs

I'm always behind on the cute ideas as far as saving memories of my kids and the moments that we love. I order school pictures and forget to send them out. I bring a camera to all the special events and then forget to take pictures. I'm trying harder to capture these moments and then save them so not only I can remember, but so my kids can remember. First day of school traditions seem to always include a photo and then throughout the year there are other activities that are great to get pictures of. So, I have created printable photo signs you can use.

You can use these signs for a variety of occasions beyond just the first day of school. Add your own personal touch and have fun!

  • Add your own colors
  • Add glitter
  • Print on colored paper
  • Write your own year
  • Write your own message
  • Have the kids paint on the sign
  • Use these signs as decoration for a classroom
  • Decorate the “family bus”
personalize your own printable school sign for first day of school
Add your own glitter!
First day of school coloring page signs designed by Jen Goode
First day of school coloring page signs designed by Jen Goode
print and personalize your own first day of school signs - designed by Jen Goode
Personalize your own school signs designed by Jen Goode


download this art by Jen Goode

First Day of School Signs

Printable School Signs (“Hooray! I'm In…[ school grade]”)

These signs have the same design as the above First Day of school signs, but the message is “Hooray! I'm in….” grade signs instead.

Read more about using these school signs over at The Country Chic Cottage!

I'd love to hear if you use any of these signs, leave a comment or stop by the 100 Directions Facebook page to tell me about it!

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