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I Don’t Read – the Un-Book Club

Written by: | Published: April 01, 2015 | Updated: August 11, 2015

I do not read. Wait, let me clarify. I read all day. I spend all day in front of a computer reading emails and notes and text messages and anything else I might come across throughout the day.  I research and google-search and dig and sort and muddle though piles of words. I’m an illustrator, but in order to get the information in my head, so my head and hand can coordinate ideas, somewhere along the line I must actually read something. Words are inspiration you know. Some day maybe I’ll have minions to read to me, but I think my scattered brain processing would get impatient and throw things and my minions would quit. So, for now, I do all my own reading.

I Do Not Read - Talking about an Un-Book Club

All that said, I did start out saying I don’t read. What I should have said is I rarely read for the pure enjoyment of reading.

My daughter came home from school yesterday, skipping in the house and singing…

I Love To Read

Oh I Love to Read

I Love Books and Books and I Love Love to Read!

I asked why she was so happy, thinking maybe she had library day at school and picked up a new book. Nope, not the case. She replied “I just really love to read”. That’s it. I love it, that’s all there needs to be, right!?

So today I had to stop and think – yes, a ton of thinking going on over here today. Did I ever love to read? There have been series of books that I’ve bulldozed through as if there were an expiration on the text on each page. But I don’t make time to sit and enjoy a good book. If I find one I love, I read it as fast as I can… and then I’m finished reading. If John Grisham or Dan Brown would write faster, I would probably read more.

The real story here is, I listen. I have an account over at and I love to find books I can listen too. I think I have 3 “open” books right now. No digital bookmarks, just audio books stopped in their places waiting for me to find my headphones and hit play.

So I was think more on this today – how about we listen to some books together? I haven’t even stopped to listen for a while either, so it’s about time I grab those headphones. I’d love for you to join me! Now I don’t know that I really want to call this a “book club”. Most of the book clubs I’ve participated in involved more fun conversation, food and drink than books. I can’t sit here and claim to be in a book club alone in my kitchen… that’s drinking alone and would mean I have a problem. So instead, let’s call it the Un-Book Club… where we really do something with books.

My current open books are:

  • The 8 Minute Organizer – I started reading this on a short road trip with the hubby… I’ve turned into that wife that reads out loud while we drive.

I just finished:

Next on the List:

  • I don’t know yet… I’ll get back to you.

I know you’re curious, what type of books do I like to read? Murder Mystery or mystery without murder as well as non-fiction most of the time. But I also really love motivational, better yourself for your business kind of books. And I’ve been known to pick up a few others not related to anything else I’ve read.

Some of my favorites:

  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Ignore Everybody – and 39 Other Keys to Creativity (language alert)
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Crush It
  • Digital Fortress
  • The Last Lecture
  • Something written by John Grisham – there are so many I loved, I can’t pick a favorite. I like his older books best.
  • Judy Bloom was a favorite when I was a kid and Artemis Fowl still is.
  • And more…

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up really quick HERE. If you are a reader, I’d love to hear about your book adventures too! Bring your own snacks, read when you want, share more book ideas or ideas inspired by a book.

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Ready to join in!?

So that’s the whole story. I really do read, just not fun books for no reason other than to fill my brain with more reasons to use my imagination. I think it’s time I open that room in my head back up.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me, what’s your favorite book?

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